As Deadline reports, Oscar winner Adam Mckay (‘The Vice of Power’) has started development of a new limited series for HBO based on ‘The First Shot’, the New York Times writer’s non-fiction book and The Atlantic, Brendan Borrell on the search for the vaccine for COVID-19.

The book was sold at auction to the publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and focuses on the worldwide race to find a coronavirus vaccine. Explore the companies and people who put everything at stake to save lives, the science on which they are based and the challenges that develop around politics, access and security.

McKay’s company, Hyperobject Industries will produce the project, which at the moment does not have a defined title. McKay will be executive producer with Todd Schulman and Borrell, who according to the media has closely followed the search for the long-awaited vaccine. The author’s other works include his coverage of rare genetic diseases for The New York Times and the problem of carnivorous bacteria in Australia for The Atlantic.