The company wants Adam Cole on the main roster.

The fighter wants me to upload the entire The Undisputed Era and not just him.

Adam Cole would be on his way to the WWE main roster

Last night we saw the end of Adam Cole’s 403 days of reign as NXT champion in a brutal fight against Keith Lee. But what’s next for the leader of The Undisputed Era?

According to Sportkeeda’s colleagues, Adam Cole has an offer on the table to upload to the main roster of the company from WWE SummerSlam. Today the company is very interested in having the fighter in any of the main roster, but they also want to do things with great care and that there is no other case, Bianca Belair or Shayna Baszler, who have not known what to do with them on WWE RAW.

Although the idea within the company is that everything The Undisputed Era group have already achieved everything expected of them on NXTDoubts have also arisen as to whether all fighters would have enough room and time on the main roster to raise them as a group.

This is something that you Adam Cole has commented on several occasions and is that he does not want the group to separate, with which the rise of Adam Cole to the main roster could be conditioned to the fact that WWE found space for all its components.

If finally the whole group or in the end convince Adam Cole to upload the solo to the main roster It is expected that the fighter is reaching either of the two marks, since it would not be decided yet, around WWE SummerSlam in August.

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