Actresses who have played Selena Quintanilla, the queen of Tex-Mex

The task is not easy for any interpreter. Bringing the hypnotic presence of the singer behind «Forbidden Love» to the stage or the screen undoubtedly becomes an acting challenge, consisting of paying tribute to a talented personality who put the Latin American rhythm very high during the 90s. five film, theater or television actresses who have played Selena quintanilla, the queen of Tex-Mex, in the last 25 years.

Jennifer Lopez (Selena, 1997)

Two years after the premature and tragic death of Selena, Warner Bros. released the homonymous fiction film, about the life and career of the Grammy winner. Jennifer Lopez, an American of Puerto Rican descent, managed to convince the casting team (which included Abraham Quintanilla Jr., father of the ill-fated singer and also an executive producer of the film) that she was the right choice for the lead role, through an audition where they jointly went their acting, dancing and singing skills are evaluated.

Thanks to Selena, « JLo » became the first Latin actor to earn more than a million dollars for a movie, coupled with being nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Musical.

Veronica Vazquez (Selena Forever, 2000)

In 1999, a Broadway-linked musical was announced with the goal of commemorating the fifth anniversary of Selena Quintanilla’s death the following year. Inspired by the previous WB film, Edward Gallardo and Fernando Rivas respectively created the lyrics and music for this staging, whose leading role would eventually fall into the hands of Veronica vazquez, American of Cuban descent.

Selena Forever began her run in March 2000, contemplating a tour that would cover thirty cities in the United States. However, the musical did not sell the expected number of tickets and had to be canceled a month later. Still, the production deserved good reviews from critics, particularly for Vazquez and the rest of the cast.

Lidia Ávila (Selena, the musical, 2006)

Almost fifteen years ago, Mexico hosted its own theater production in honor of the interpreter of « The Boy from Apartment 512 ». It consisted of a musical work presented at the Blanquita Theater in CDMX, the result of an investment of more than one million dollars and with more than 30 dancers on stage (via).

The titular role of Selena, the musical (premiered in May 2006) was assumed by the Puebla Lidia Avila, former member of the famous group OV7 and who in this way returned to the theater after seventeen years of absence, since his debut in the 1989 staging Vaselina, staged by Julissa.

Maya Zapata (Selena’s Secret, 2018)

The story behind the murder of the Texan singer reached television two years ago, through TNT Latin America. Selena’s Secret, based on the homonymous book by journalist María Celeste Arrarás, was a series consisting of thirteen episodes and starring the Mexican winner of the Ariel Maya zapata.

The show, broadcast weekly between September and December 2018, boasted Natalia Beristáin and Alejandro Aimetta as directors and had a cast complemented by personalities such as Sofía Lama, Eduardo Santamarina and Jorge Zárate. Because the project was not endorsed by the Quintanilla family, it became impossible to use original songs by Selena.

Christian Serratos (Selena: The Series, 2020)

At the beginning of December, Netflix included in its catalog the nine chapters of an original production, focused on the life of the queen of Tex-Mex, from her childhood to her rise to fame. In September 2019, we learned that the Californian of Mexican descent Christian serratos would assume the main role of the show; Two months later, the red « N » released a first look at the actress in the shoes of the famous co-author of the song « Como la Flor. »

Selena: The series saw the return of Abraham Quintanilla Jr. as executive producer of an audiovisual fiction about his daughter’s career, from the 90s film starring JLo. Suzette Quintanilla, the singer’s older sister, is in the same department.

Of the previous actresses, which has been your favorite as the interpreter of the legendary and unforgettable Selena Quintanilla?

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