Years go by and ‘Here there is no one who lives’ is still one of the most remembered national fictions by the spectators. Directed by brothers Laura and Alberto Caballero, the now legendary comedy remained in emission between the years 2003 and 2006, time in which we enjoy and laugh with the adventures and misadventures of the residents of Desengaño 21. For the series A multitude of actors and actresses passed that gave life to characters that not only occupied the different houses and the premises of the emblematic building, they were also part of the lives of the protagonists. However, the termites arrived to force the neighbors to start a new life apart, thus putting an end to the series.

That farewell was motivated by the purchase of part of Miramón Mendi, producer of fiction, by Mediaset Spain. That’s how ‘La que se avecina’ emerged, a new production directed by the creators of ‘Here there is no one who lives’ and with many elements in common, starting with the cast. Much of the cast continued to be linked to this new series and, in addition, during the twelve seasons that fiction already has, we have seen many old familiar faces that have already appeared due to Disappointment 21. For these reasons, from FormulaTV we want remember several interpreters who appeared in ‘Here there is no one who lives’ and then had the opportunity to participate in ‘La que se avecina’, either with a leading role, recurring or episodic.

From relatives in ‘ANHQV’ to episodic in ‘LQSA’

Amparo Pamplona and Amparo Pacheco in ‘Here there is no one who lives and’ La que se avecina ‘

Alicia (Laura Pamplona), the eternal fellow companion of Bethlehem (Malena Alterio) who dreamed of becoming an actress, invited his mother home in one of the episodes. So far nothing flashy, but the curious thing is that this role is embodied by Amparo Pamplona, that is, his mother in real life. The veteran interpreter was only present in the twelfth chapter of the third season, but her participation is remembered by many for her personality, but especially because she tried to flirt with Emilio (Fernando Tejero). Although he no longer coincided with his daughter, years later he has worked in ‘La que se avecina’, in this case, giving life to Mrs. Eulalia, Carlota’s teacher (Carlota Boza), in the fifth episode of the fourth season.

The Roberto’s family (Daniel Guzmán) visited him on more than one occasion, especially her grandmother. Amparo Pacheco is responsible for interpreting this role that allowed her to appear in up to five episodes, during which time she was with her grandson, but she also shared scenes with Marisa (Eva Isanta), Concha (Emma Penella) and Vicenta (Gemma Cuervo). Some time later the actress returned to bring Matilde to life in the twelfth episode of the second season of ‘La que se avecina’. Who also did the same was Mariana Cordero, actress who gave life to Roberto’s mother in four chapters and that subsequently has been the mother of Maite (Eva Isanta) in three chapters of ‘La que se avecina’.

Lucia (María Adánez) also received the visit of several of her relatives, especially from Alba (Marta Belenguer), her ex-sister-in-law. The one we met as Diego’s wife (Mariano Alameda) appeared sporadically over several seasons, being involved in various plots until we lost sight of her. The twelfth episode of the fifth season of ‘La que se avecina’ It was the moment when we could once again enjoy seeing Belenguer in action. The actress participated episodically playing Blanca, Enrique’s girlfriend who came away scared after a brief love story.

From recurrent or secondary in ‘ANHQV’ to episodic in ‘LQSA’

Jaime Ordóñez and Carmen Balagué in ‘There is no one here’ and ‘La que se avecina’

The residents of Desengaño 21 had the presence of several characters who visited the community from time to time. Some of them managed to be emblematic, like Father Miguel, role defended by Manuel Millán. The actor has subsequently participated in ‘La que se avecina’ giving life to Rufino, Raquel’s partner, in the fourth episode of the fifth season. For his part, Marisa Porcel, interpreter who played the nun Esperanza who took care of Ezequiel and then managed the radio in the video store, years later made of the billionaire mother of Antonio Recio in the twelfth chapter of the sixth season.

Another of the recurring characters that we all remember from ‘There is no one living here’ is the one from Gregor the administrator who tried to make life easier for the neighbors. The actor Fermí Herrero was in charge of giving it life and has also appeared in ‘La que se avecina’ playing Jacinto, councilor for urban planning. Paqui, the maid who replaced Emilio and who worked at Lucía’s house gave much to talk about during his presence in Desengaño 21. The actress Empar Ferrer was the one who got into his skin and, later, we have seen him in ‘La que se avecina’ . Jaime Ordóñez was responsible for embodying the man who was characterized by speaking very fast and that he performed a multitude of trades. He subsequently made his appearance in ‘La que se avecina’ playing an indignant 15-M.

Although they had greater prominence, characters like Alicia, Nieves Cuesta (Carmen Balagué) or Álex (Juan Díaz) did not participate in all the seasons of ‘Here there is no one who lives’. However, they returned to work with the same team when they appeared episodically in ‘La que se avecina’. Whoever gave life to Oldest son of the War, he appeared in Mirador de Montepinar as a tenant of the bass in the first episode of the eighth season, but his stay was brief because they had to scare him to sell the house. For his part, the one who was Juan Cuesta’s sister (José Luis Gil) put aside that family relationship to play a Enrique’s old girlfriend in the eleventh chapter of the seventh season. While Laura Pamplona got into the skin of Dafne, a millionaire who falls in love with Maite in the tenth season.

From episodic or recurring in ‘ANHQV’ to secondary or protagonists in ‘LQSA’

Jordi Sánchez, Norma Ruiz, Miren Ibarguren and Jesús Olmedo in ‘Here there is no one who lives’

Even if now many know him as Antonio Recio, the wholesaler who does not clean fish in ‘La que se avecina’, Jordi Sánchez got into the skin of Salva, Bea’s priest brother, in the eighth chapter of the second season of ‘Here there is no one who lives’. Equally, before incarnating Julián Pastor, that is, Enrique’s father, the actor Manuel Andrés played Amancio, an old millionaire with whom Marisa tried to marry to inherit her fortune in the sixth chapter of the fifth season.

Before being Barbara, Amador’s girlfriend and teacher of Ojos de Pollo, Norma Ruiz played Yolanda in chapter twenty-two of the third season, one of the mothers of the children that Lucia took care of in her nursery and whom Carlos and Roberto tried to conquer. Something similar happened to the actor Daniel Muriel, who participated in two episodes of the fourth season of ‘Here there is no one who lives’ giving life to Juanjo before joining ‘La que se avecina’ to play Gabi, Javi’s friend who has been seen several times by Mirador de Montepinar.

At present, Miren Ibarguren is part of the main cast of ‘La que se avecina’ with her role as Yoli, but before reaching this point we were able see her in ‘Here there is no one who lives’ up to two times. First, she played a geek girl who was running as Mauri’s roommate in the second season, after being the secretary of the lawyer who handled the case of Emilio and Belén in the fifth season. For his part, the actor Jesús Olmedo has also recurred in Mirador de Montepinar playing Diego, Doña Fina’s son. However, a long time before he played Ricardo, Alicia’s boyfriend in the third season of ‘Here there is no one who lives’.

Episodic timeless

Jorge Roelas and Juanma Lara in ‘There is no one here’ and ‘La que se avecina’

Some interpreters have appeared in both fictions with episodic characters, but they are remembered by many because the role they played was relevant. For example, the actor Jorge Roelas acted as lawyer for Juan and Isabel when they were trying to get the divorce papers in the third season of ‘There’s no one here to live’. Then played a flirt for Estela in the third episode of the fourth season of ‘La que se avecina’. Actor’s participation Juanma Lara It was a turn of events because played the lover of Paloma. Later he has appeared in Mirador de Montepinar as a former companion of a beach bar in Fermín.

Who we also saw first in ‘There is no one here’ and then in ‘La que se avecina’ went to Bibiana Fernández. The actress and presenter gave life to an interpreter who recorded a cookie ad in Disappointment 21 in the fifth episode of the fifth season. Time after played the head of Amador in the thirteenth episode of the eighth season. For her part, the actress Juana Cordero first played a friend of Isabel that she was interested in meeting Juan, but ended up discovering the idyll of « la Hierbas » and Señor Cuesta. Years later he got into the skin of a social worker in ‘La que se avecina’.