Actress Mariana Peñalva accuses Andrés Roemer of sexual abuse – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Entrelíneas

This Thursday a new complaint of sexual assault against Andrés Roemer emerged, now by the actress Mariana Peñalva.

This assault occurred in 2008 when her son was four years old. Peñalva has pointed out in a video, shared on her social networks, that the attack by Roemer occurred after an interview, when Roemer invited her to a party.

He explained that he came to his house because he was looking for investors for a project and he offered to introduce him to more people who might be interested.

She related that she went to Roemer’s house in the company of her son and that, after a tour of the home, he took her to the library, where he separated her from her son and abused her.

“During all these years I never told anyone. I was left with the guilt, “said the actress.

In recent days the FGJ of the capital obtained an arrest warrant against the diplomat, while Periodistas Unidas Mexicanas (PUM) reported that it has evidence of 31 complaints of sexual violence against Andrés Roemer, as well as 5 testimonies of his modus operandi.

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Of the 31 complaints of sexual violence, 29 assaults occurred in Mexico while the other two in San Francisco, California, where Roemer Slomianski was consul.

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