New and good news floods the world of Hollywood stars: actress Emma Roberts is expecting her first child with her boyfriend, Garrett Hedlund. Look at all the details.

June 26, 2020 12:31 PM

The world of Hollywood stars will receive a new member in the family. This 2020, although it is characterized as catastrophic, several celebrities are in the sweet wait and very happy at home, such as the marriage of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner.

Now, it’s the actress’s turn Emma Roberts and your partner Garrett Hedlund, They are going to be dads! This has been confirmed exclusively to Us Weekly. Let’s remember that they started dating in the spring of 2019 and now, just a year later, they are in the sweet wait.

Garrett Hedlund and Emma Roberts will be parents for the first time.

Emma Roberts is recognized for her leading role in the series American Horror Story; At just 29 years old, he shines on the big screen and even on television. While Garret, the Swedish-American actor, is famous for his participation in films like Tron: Legacy, Country Strong or Four brothers; Being 6 years older than the girl, he will become a father for the first time.

« Emma is just single and neither she nor Garrett are considering having a serious relationship, » a source close to the couple told People magazine a few months ago. « They just have fun together, » he added.

Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund have been a couple for a year.

Despite these statements, it seems that everything has changed and in the end, they have decided to take together one of the most important steps in their lives. It should be remembered that Emma Roberts, the niece of Julia Roberts, found love next to Garrett after his famous breakup with Evan Peters, whom he met in 2013 during the filming of the film Adult world and with whom he later shared the screen in American Horror Story.

Although the path they chose was formal and serious, they even became engaged, after seven years together, in March 2019 their breakup was made public after images of Emma passionately kissing Hedlund came to light. Was the « Tron: Legacy » actor the third in contention between Roberts and Peters?

After seven years together, Emma Roberts and Evan Peters ended their relationship.

At the moment, neither Emma Roberts nor Garrett Hedlund have spoken on this matter. Yes, the mother of the actress did, according to the portal E! News: Kelly Cunningham she responded to fans who congratulated her on the baby’s arrival.

« Thank you very much! Very excited » or « Yes! » He said when asked if his daughter was pregnant. Emma, ​​for her part, published this Thursday, June 25, an image in which she appears in a swimsuit lying on the grass eating a bucket of chicken wings. « It has been a weekend of @fendi and @foundoyster, » he wrote. How much more will it take to see your pregnant belly?

The last photo of Emma Roberts on her social networks.