Actress Cecilia Romo her life could be in danger she is hospitalized in an emergency | Instagram

Through the social networks the worrying news of the actress was released Cecilia Romo who apparently was transferred to the hospital in an emergency after testing positive for coronavirus.

After learning the results, she was immediately taken to a hospital in Mexico to be treated as they point out, the actress has some health problems and fears they may get complicated by contracting this dangerous virus.

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His own daughter Claudia González Edelman He made the request that they pray for his mother and regretted that he could not be by her side at the moment since she currently resides in New York.

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So, through a group of social networks, Claudia, her daughter, shared a message:

Please ask for prayer for my mom who is hospitalized for Covid-19. He has delicate lungs and arrhythmia. I have never asked this group for anything, but now my heart sinks from being in NYC and not being able to travel or being close, he said.

It is worth mentioning that the daughter of the first actress She works as Marketing Director at the Global Fund, an international institution that invests funds to fight against tuberculosis and malaria.

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The actress Cecilia Romo He has participated in various projects on and off the small screen.

Some of his projects in television appeared, “Silvia Pinal … in front of you”, “The second air”, “Chains of bitterness”, “Living at the wrong time”, “If God takes my life” “I swear that I love you”, “Here is the Chilindrina “, among some others.

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In the same way, some of the cast have also been members plays such as La cage de las locas or Hello, Mame, Moliere and Dolly !.

Mom is an extraordinary woman. An actress who is in a novel right now. A fighting woman and a very wise soul named Cecilia Romo. Please ask for a prayer, “added her daughter in the post.