Actress and director Mónica Miguel loses her life | INSTAGRAM

Just starting this Wednesday, August 12, The Nayarita Organization for Developing Art (ONDA Nayarit), was in charge of spreading the sad news that the director and actress Mónica Miguel lost her life.

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« It is with deep sadness that we report the death of the actress, interpreter and stage director Mónica Miguel. Rest in peace. Our deepest condolences and solidarity for her family » are the words that are read in the tweet that announced her loss.

After getting to know each other, they began to show signs of affection and goodbyes by colleagues from the artistic environment, among which María Sorté and many more stand out.

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« I deeply regret the death of Mónica Miguel with whom I had the pleasure of working on the telenovelas #DeFrenteAlSol # MasAlláDelPuente my love for her family. DEP. »

His student Ana Brenda Contreras also dedicated the following message to him: « I wake up with deep pain at the news of the death of my beloved teacher Monica Miguel. Only those of us who have worked with her know how much Mexican novels owe to this great director » , with all the feeling embodied in his words.

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It is worth recapping her story, Mónica Miguel studied acting at the ANDA Academy. He lived eight years in Rome, Italy, achieving maturity as an artist. Upon his return to Mexico at the end of the 70s, he participated in productions at the Teatro Insurgentes such as Vine, I saw and I better left and The teacher drinks a little. In the 1980s, he participated in the works El hombre de La Mancha and Aire Frio.1 At the same time, he participated in soap operas such as Amalia Batista, Abandonada, El deceño and How it hurts to be silent.

In 1987 she debuted as dialogue director on the soap opera Quinceañera. This would be the beginning of a prolific career as a director, collaborating mainly with the producer Carla Estrada being the Stage Director in Locations of many of her telenovelas, such as Amor de Nadie, De Frente al sol, Los parientes otros, Alondra, María Isabel and The privilege of loving, among others, in turn participating as an actress in some of them.

In 2001, she became the General Director of Scene for Estrada’s telenovelas after the disagreement that Estrada had with its former director Miguel Córcega; thus Mónica Miguel makes her debut in the telenovela El manantial as Stage Director. He continued in that position in the telenovelas Amor real, Alborada, Pasión and Sortilegio. In 2010 she works with the producer José Alberto Castro being the Stage Director of the telenovela Teresa.

Her acting career has been just as extensive, the first telenovela in which she participated was Entre brumas in 1973. Since then she has participated in a long list of soap operas, many of them by producer Carla Estrada. Generally, he gives life to humble characters or those linked to the indigenous, given his Nayarit roots.

In the end, she was Promotora del Arte de Nayarit, where she promotes and supports the artistic and cultural values ​​of the Nayaritas.