Maybe you can’t imagine another actor playing Luke Skywalker in Star Wars other than Mark Hamill. But George Lucas may have chosen other actors to play the iconic character.

More than 40 years ago George Lucas give the world a universe full of mysteries, emotions and conflicts. In 1977 Lucas premiered Star Wars, a film that would mark a before and after for the filmmaker and for the film industry in many ways. First, due to the level of technological innovation that the franchise of Star wars over the years, and second because thanks to them, several relatively novice actors would become part of Hollywood stardom forever.

This “leap to stardom” was especially notable for the three protagonists in the original Star Wars trilogy: Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher. Although they had already participated in some productions, it was not until what we now know as Star Wars episode IV: A new hope was released when the three began to be on everyone’s lips in Hollywood. Of course, during the Star Wars casting, there were more candidates who could play the main characters of the film.

Today at Hobby Consola, we will meet the actors who may have been Luke Skywalker in place of Mark Hamill in Star Wars.

A naive farmer full of dreams

The character of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars episode 4 it could be described as that of someone who hasn’t really started living life until he meets two peculiar droids: C-3PO and R2-D2. From then on, their world falls apart to rebuild from scratch. He loses his uncles, who have raised him as if they were his parents, at the hands of the Galactic empire, and discovers that his father was a “mighty Jedi Knight” who died during the Clone Wars.

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But Luke Skywalker had never left Tatooine in all his life. He is not really aware of how vast the galaxy is until he takes the droids with the old man Ben Kenobi, who happens to be the teacher of Luke’s father, Anakin Skywalker. From then on, Luke Skywalker will embark on an adventure that will see how he and his friends Han Solo and Leia Organa (who is more than her friend, and not in that sense) they knock down the Galactic Empire and defeat their Emperor.

Naturally, it takes a very specific actor profile to play this type of character. Today it is impossible for us to imagine another Luke Skywalker who is not Mark HamillBut other actors came very close to becoming this future Jedi with many birds on their heads.

A very competitive role

The casting tests to play Luke Skywalker were most varied. One of the candidates to play Luke Skywalker in Star Wars episode IV was William Katt, whom we know among other roles for his role in The Great American Hero. In fact, William Katt’s audition to play Luke Skywalker is still online. And it wasn’t bad at all, although Mark Hamill sold himself better for the role.

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Another candidate to play Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films was an actor who had already worked with George Lucas on American graffiti: Charles Martin Smith. Although in the end he did not get the role and strengthened his acting career as much as that of director. We have seen him in movies like Deep impact and he is the director of films like One more of the family and The snow walker (Lost in the snow).

To finish, another of the actors who were very close to getting a role in Star Wars, including that of Luke Skywalker, is Kurt Russell. The actor felt the roles of Luke and Han Solo (which in a way fits us much more). Eventually he didn’t get either one. However, it cannot be said that Kurt Russell did badly. He has starred in iconic films such as Hit in Little China or 1997: Rescue in New York and its 2013 sequel: Rescue in Los Angeles.

Mark Hamil and Luke Skywalker are one thanks to the Force

It was Mark Hamill who took the cat to the water. Thanks to his performance as Luke Skywalker, Hamill made the leap to stardom where he has had characters of the most varied, although none have come to eclipse this almost self-taught Jedi from Star Wars. His roles as a Joker voice actor in numerous Batman productions are also the most iconic Mark Hamill has ever done throughout his career, as well as giving an original and totally crazy touch to his characters, both dubbed and live-action. .

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Finally with Disney taking charge of the Star Wars franchise, Luke Skywalker, and Mark Hamill They returned to the end of Star Wars episode VII: The Force Awakens. The character enjoyed great prominence in Star Wars episode VIII: The Last Jedi. To bid farewell to the fandom, Luke reappeared as Ghost of Force in Star Wars episode IX: Skywalker’s Rise, giving the character a good-bye farewell, though not the one he truly deserved.

Many things could have changed if the Luke Skywalker character had fallen on the shoulders of one of the other actors who auditioned to play the role. What would the character in the flesh of a tough guy from the movies like Kurt Russell have been like? Would the great American hero William Katt have been naive and dreamy enough? What nuance could Charles Martin Smith have given this Force-sensitive human? How would Mark Hamill’s career have been without Luke Skywalker on his resume?

Some ideas from the laborious mind of Goerge Lucas never made it to the screen in Star Wars, we discovered some of those projects for Star Wars that never came true.

Be that as it may, Star wars it is today as it is, with its lights and shadows, with its strengths and weaknesses. And if there is something that fans are very clear about, it is that Mark Hamill has worked on his character, in front of and behind the cameras.