Actors unite to denounce racism on Mexican television

Fatima, who was recently involved in the controversy as she was strongly criticized for her physical appearance, was even singled out for being the culprit of the possible time change of the telenovela ‘Te acuerdas de me’, accepted that when she began her career as an actress she saw impossible aspire to star in a soap opera.

Cuauhtli Jiménez (Instagram / cuauhtlijimenez)

“I was given the opportunity to make movies, series, television, it was like something that I could not aspire to practically if it was not going to be obviously a role that was not in the domestic area or a person who steals. It was also difficult because one as an actor he obviously doesn’t want to be pigeonholed, “the actress said.

“That is why I considered it very important when they offered me to do the telenovela You remember me with a leading man, with a character in which it is a girl who has studies, who is a professional. It seemed very important to me and to the people I work with really give that message to people as well and we were excited about the change that this could also bring, “he said.

fatima-molina-2.jpgFatima Molina. (Instagram / Fátima Molina.)

In addition, the actress raised her voice again to make a new complaint: years ago, the CEFAT (Actoral Training Center), the acting school of TV Azteca, rejected her application for the same reason: because of her physical appearance.

“I went to ask twice for the opportunity to study, but it also represented to me at that time that they also paid a monthly payment, apart from studying, it represented an opportunity to study and be able to pay for my expenses. Both times they told me no and in one of those they were clear: they told me that I was not the profile ”, revealed Fátima Molina.