Actor Zach Avery has been arrested for defrauding more than $ 200 million and impersonating Netflix and HBO

The name Zachary J. Horwitz may not be very familiar to you, not even his stage name, Zach Avery. The actor has been working on little-known films since 2009, with titles such as ‘Trespassers’, ‘Under the same skin’ or ‘You’re Not Alone’. Horwitz is news because has been arrested at his Beverlyhood home for starring in a more than $ 200 million pyramid scheme.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the 34-year-old actor was persuading investors to enter into film distribution deals in different territories through his company, 1inMM Capital LLC, and then impersonate executives of platforms such as Netflix or HBO to package the offers or justify the delay in the payment of benefits.

Among the films it offered were ‘The Lords of Salem’ or ‘Kickboxer’. His company offered a library of 52 titles for distribution in Africa, South America, Australia and New Zealand. Horwitz even sent bottles of Jonnny Walker Blue Label whiskey with the analysis of his company’s results from 2015 and thus win over his victims, whom promised they would recoup their investment and up to 40% profit in one year. Of course, he did not have the rights to any, he had never spoken to HBO or Netflix and much of the money he made was used for personal expenses, such as the purchase of his house.

Millionaire debt

According to the FBI, the actor owes investors more than $ 227 million. He owes his largest investor, JJMT Capital, LLC, $ 160 million plus another $ 59 million for investment proceeds. Horwitz has listed his home for $ 6.5 million.