Actor Russell Crowe passionately kisses his young girlfriend

Russell Crowe, the actor who won a Best Actor Oscar for his role in the movie “Gradiador” was seen playing tennis with his girlfriend.

Having concluded his marriage to actress Danielle Spencer in 2012, Russell Crowe seems to have welcomed love back into his life.

Despite keeping her private life out of the spotlight, actress Britney Theriot has been seen very close for several years.

Their first meeting occurred in 2013 during the filming of the movie “Broken City” directed by Allen Hughes.

However, until this year they have been captured Photographs that show that there is a relationship between them.

Crowe, 56, was at golf practice when he was photographed with Theriot.

Between them the chemistry was notorious, because during the time they were on the court they kept up a constant chat and shared laughter at all times.

However, they were also seen sharing some kisses and hugs for a few moments.

The actress has not added another role to her filmography, since she has dedicated herself to real estate in Australia.

For his part, the actor is always willing to take risks with film or television roles, only in 2019 he played Roger Ailes in the series “The loudest voice”.

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For now, Crowe lives in New Zealand (his home country), and apparently he’s enjoying life to the fullest as well.