Many are the actors who decide to take the lead. It is like something natural, wanting to take charge of a production and put its own stamp on it.

They have been made by box office performers like Clint Eastwood (who actually does better behind the scenes) or character performers like Lawrence Olivier or Robert Redford.

In the Dominican cinema there are several examples of those who after some time in front of the camera decide to take the seat of the boss and take the reins of the filming, taking advantage of their histrionic experience.

It has been the case of Frank Perozo or David Maler.

Both are currently working on the direction and script of « La vida de los Reyes », respectively, and which is in pre-production. But Perozo and Maler have already presented several of their works as filmmakers.

Perozo has limited his foray so far to the latest comedies starring Raymond Pozo and Miguel Céspedes: « Colao », « Qué León » and « Los Leones », and the aforementioned biography of the two comedians, with a script by Maler. Perozo explained when he directed his first movie that it was like having a new love.

The case of David Maler has been more varied and has been interested in historical themes (« Reinbou », 2016), humorous (« All women are equal »; 2017; « Nothing is what it seems »; in post-production), or ecological (“La buya”, soon to be released).

Both have continued their work as actors in other productions, alternating alternating with those they direct. The most prolific of those who have this duality is Roberto Ángel Salcedo, who is in charge of many of the films he makes, interspersing his presence at the forefront of the distribution of his comedies.

With an average of two premieres a year, his stories have their stamp, always with characters characterized by representing a part of Dominican folklore and with a group of humorists who are faithful to him.

This year he released « I like yours » and has yet to present « Super Family ».

Alfonso Rodríguez

Another that comes and goes from directing to production, or from script to acting, is Alfonso Rodríguez. One of the pioneering filmmakers of this stage of local cinema with « Un macho de mujer » (2006), has starred in films such as « Luis » (Archie López, 2017) or « Pulso » (Giancarlo Beras, 2018), two dramatic characters.

In the same way he has done other small roles to which he has put the weight of his character.


Felix Germán.

Félix Germán is one of the actors who participated in the mythical film “Un pasaje de ida” (Agliberto Meléndez, 1988), in comedies such as “De pez en vez” (Francisco Valdez, 2014), in the action film “Code Paz” (Pedro Urrutia, 2014) or in major dramas such as « What I feel for you » (Raúl Camilo, 2018) or « The projectionist » (José María Cabral, 2019).

He has been behind the scenes in the 2005 comedy « The Curse of Father Cardona » or the historical drama « The Broken Island » in 2019.

Daniel Aurelio.

Actor Daniel Aurelio directed and starred in « Easy Money » in 2015. Screenwriter with Ronni Castillo of « Who’s Coming » and « He Who Much Covers … ».