Actor Jaime Garza dies

The death of Mexican actor Jaime Garza at the age of 67 has been confirmed. After the also actress Victoria Ruffo shared his condolences on social networks, the National Association of Interpreters (ANDI) confirmed the death. He is best remembered for his work in soap operas, although he also did film and theater throughout his career.

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It was on social networks that the actress Victoria Ruffo, with whom she shared a camera in the soap opera Simply maria, revealed the death of Jaime Garza. Following this, ANDI did not take long to confirm that the death had occurred and shared its own condolences to his relatives, at the same time that he recalled his participation in productions such as wild Rose, Bianca Vidal Y Pact of love. Later, his ex-wife, Rosita Pelayo He said the following to The sun rises about the death of the former husband:

Yes I am very sad, for my Little Boy, because we did separate but we always loved each other, we never stopped talking, we were always worried about each other and the news hit me very hard. He was already ill, he was not very well and that’s life, we have to go.

The cause of death was confirmed to be complications from diabetes. Garza had already had health problems from this disease and it was reported that they had even had a leg amputated in 2014, according to Pelayo. Unfortunately, he could not overcome the disease and lost his life this Friday morning at his home in Mexico City. The actor was originally from Monterrey. This is what she said:

They did another operation on his leg, in which he had left, I don’t know how the operation was, but he told me ‘they scraped me’ and I don’t know how much they did, but it was very strong because he told me ‘it hurts horrible, You don’t know how horrible my leg hurts.

Born in 1954, he studied acting at the UNAM University Theater Center. His first soap opera was Pact of love, from 1977. However, he worked in very popular national television productions. He had supporting roles in shows like The usurper, The flight of the Eagle, Simply maria Y Salome. His last credit was in a small role in the soap opera The beloved of 2017.

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He also ventured into film and most notably had the role of Roberto in Canoa – 100%, the classic Mexican film by Felipe Cazals. The film is inspired by real events and tells the story of the lynching of a group of young people at the hands of a paranoid people who are convinced that they are communists and a danger to the population. The title is considered one of the best in national cinema. One of the histrion’s forays into the seventh art was the film La Caridad, by Marcelino Islas Hernández.

Garza had no children. Pelayo explained that his family accompanied him in his last days and regretted his death, but found comfort in not dying in a hospital. The actor was married three times, the last time to the poet Natalia Toledo, who regretted the death on social networks. Rest in peace.

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