Actor Gabriel Byrne talks about the sexual abuse he suffered as a child – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – .

This Tuesday went on sale ‘Walking with Ghosts’, the memoir of the renowned Irish actor Gabriel Byrne, where he describes in detail, among other matters, the alleged sexual abuse of which he was a victim as a child and how years later he faced his aggressor .

The producer and screenwriter also assures that he was abused by a priest at the age of 11 while participating in a Catholic seminary in the United Kingdom. That made him give up continuing his religious vocation and renounced his faith, as he confessed in an interview with The New York Times prior to the launch of the work.

In a passage from the book shared this week by People magazine, Byrne reveals that decades after that unfortunate incident, he decided to call on the priest, ready to provoke a confrontation. “I wanted in those last seconds to call him cab *** and tell him that, although I do not believe in hell, I hope he does, because I want him to be terrified and burn forever,” he said.

However, the actor finally gave up on attacking who was then an older man who did not remember his past. “I said nothing. A part of me did not want to hurt an old man with a kind voice trapped in a retirement home who now does not remember me or anything of what he had done, ”he says in his memoirs.

The star of ‘The Usual Suspects’ (‘The usual suspects’, in Latin America, and ‘The usual suspects’, in Spain) blamed himself for what happened for a long time and felt “ashamed” for “having done something wrong.” The priest responsible for the abuse died many years ago and, according to Byrne, has already accepted that things had no other end.

“We love to think that there is a resolution to these things, that this is how you deal with trauma: ‘I dealt with it,’ ‘I dealt with it,’ ‘I moved on.’ But that is not necessarily true. I realized that there does not have to be a resolution, “the artist confessed in the interview.

On a television show in 2010, Byrne revealed the sexual abuse he had suffered as a child. In a dialogue with the British daily The Guardian last November, the actor touched on the issue of abuse in the Church and criticized the position of Pope Francis: “He has done absolutely nothing to address the real problems of child sexual abuse.”