Actor Diego Schoening broke down in tears after revealing a strong event

Actor Diego Schoening broke down in tears after revealing a strong event | Instagram

Everything seems to indicate that the daughter of actor Diego Schoening was about to have his leg amputated and when he revealed it, he burst into tears, because it is something that no father wants to happen to his son, however, everything is fine now.

Three years ago Diego Schoening and his family faced the most difficult moment of their lives, when their eldest daughter Fernanda crashed in a golf cart in Miami Florida.

This is how because the car fell on one of his legs, later this caused havoc, since they were on the point of having it amputated.

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After many studies, to find out why the tissues were dying, they found an excellent doctor who gave them hope.

“It is one of the most difficult moments in my life, which continues to come to me today, it continues to hit me very hard. The blow he received on his leg was so strong that he began to kill all the cells from the inside out and if we kept letting the tempo pass as another doctor said, he could have lost his leg ”.

Fortunately, the doctor acted in time and saved the limb of Diego’s daughter, this after the great scare they took away.

Without a doubt, this experience left a mark on the family, since the young woman underwent several surgeries, and they even gave her the skin of a corpse.

In case it does not seem familiar to you, Diego Schoening, is a Mexican singer, host and actor, who hosted the morning program Un nuevo día on the Telemundo network, however, Diego left the program in 2017.

Diego Schoening is the son of the Mexican actress and producer Martha Zavaleta and although it is said that he is actually the natural son of Fraterna Pérez, after Diego Schoening turned 3, his parents divorced and Diego retired to live with his father He already worked at Televisa as a soap opera scriptwriter and later married Martha Zabaleta according to versions of people close to the Timbiriche singer.

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Diego spent the first 3 years of his life in a small apartment on 181 Americay Tepanco street in the Parque San Andrés Delegación Coyoacán neighborhood.

It is worth mentioning that he began his career in 1982 in the Timbiriche group, in which he remained from its foundation until its completion, between 1982 and 1994.

Together with Timbiriche he recorded twelve albums, acted in telenovelas such as Angélica (1985), Muchachitas (1991), Agudamientos de color de rosa (1994), Confidente de Secondary (1996) and Soñadoras (1998) and participated in some episodes of Woman, cases of real life, and in the film Embrujo del rock and was the host of programs such as Hoy Saturday, Nuevas tardes (with Gabriela Ruffo) and 100% mujer.

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In 1998 he reunited with the original members of Timbiriche: Paulina Rubio, Alix Bauer, Sasha Sokol, Mariana Garza, Erick Rubín and Benny Ibarra.

In 1999 he launched as a soloist with the album “Voy a mi” and between 2000 and 2001 he spent a season doing live performances at JW Private Forum Disco, an exclusive nightclub in Chihuahua, Chih.

In 2007 he reunited with his Timbiriche colleagues to celebrate 26 years since the beginning of the group and made several commercials for detergent, which gained popularity in Central and South America.

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