Active duty Marine was arrested and charged with participating in the assault on the Capitol

15 minutes. A marine in active duty of the United States (USA) was arrested this Thursday when he was accused of participating in the assault on the Capitol on January 6.

Christopher Warnagiris, over 40 years old, was working at the Quantico Base of the Virginia Marine Corps. He was arrested on charges of entering the building and shoving a police officer to hold the door open and allow other rioters to enter, CBS reported.

Broke the police line

According to prosecutors, the active marine was the first of a group to break the police line that protected the gates of the east rotunda of the Capitol. They also pointed out that Warnagiris pushed other people into the headquarters.

Wargnagiris is the first active duty member charged in the Capitol robbery investigation. Thus, he joins a list of 44 people accused of participating in the insurrection and who served in the US Army.

The now detained faces federal charges. They include: attacking, resisting and obstructing the official procedure – for which you could face a 20-year prison sentence – and obstructing the application of the law during a civil disorder.

For its part, the Marine Corps announced that it will help the authorities in their investigations. He also said that “negative behaviors” such as “certain dissident activity and protests” are prohibited by a revised body policy.

Extremism in the ranks

Meanwhile, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby has not yet specified whether Warnagiris will face sanctions under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The Pentagon has previously condemned extremism in its ranks.

The assault on the Capitol, which left 5 dead, took place the day the US Congress held a joint session to ratify Joe Biden’s victory in the November 3 presidential election. Former President Donald Trump repeatedly rejected the election result, claiming that “fraud” had occurred.

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