That is, Amazon allows you to activate a series of notifications via SMS, from the email or from the online commerce app to know where your order is, if it has left the warehouse or not, if it is in delivery or if they have tried to deliver it and you are not at home. It is also useful to know if something appears as delivered but you have not received it. There may be an error, that your neighbor has it or that they have left it in the mailbox or on the door of the house. That’s why you can activate notifications comfortably and for free.

Order status

There are five states that your Amazon order can go through and they will normally notify you in the case of the last three: shipping, shipped, and delivered. Available states through which it passes or the phases are:

Pending shipment when it has not yet been prepared Preparing the shipment to send it in less than a day In the shipping process, just before being sent Sent to be delivered and arrive in the next few hours Delivered if the company has confirmed delivery in House

SMS notifications

SMS notifications, as the name suggests, will let you know where your order is through a message that you will receive on your mobile phone. It is a totally free service that is included in the cost of Amazon as such. That is, you do not have to pay anything to receive notifications on the phone that tell you if it has left or if it is already on the way. In addition, there are a series of conditions that Amazon puts on this service:

You must have un Spanish mobile numberRegardless of the operator, there is no cost, as we have explained in the previous paragraph, but the operator may charge you extra for this type of message. That does not depend on Amazon. He service is available If the chosen shipping option allows tracking You will only be able to receive SMS notifications with shipments sent by and not for orders sent by external sellers unless they use Amazon logistics to reach the customer.
Does not allow to receive SMS on several different phone numbers

As explained by Amazon itself, you will only receive SMS when it is considered that communication in this way is useful to guarantee the delivery of your order. If there is a problem with the address you have filled out or if you have not been found at your address. Keep in mind that SMS They can wake you up if you leave the phone with sound because the shipping updates by this route will be sent from six in the morning until eleven at night according to the settings of the Amazon communication preferences center.


The first thing you need to subscribe to notifications via SMS to know the status of Amazon orders is to have an Amazon account, of course. Once you have it, access your account on the web with your username and password.

Go to Account and lists Open your account menu to access all options Access the web Manage SMS notifications Configure your personal data Add your phone number with the country code previously Touch on “Shipping and payment notifications”
Click on update

SMS notifications on Amazon

If you do not want to receive notifications of a specific product, either because it is a gift and you do not want anyone to see it or simply so that it does not bother you, you can deactivate it from the section Account> My orders> The order you want> Shipment tracking. Here you can deactivate the SMS option.

Activate in-app notifications

You can install the Amazon application on your mobile phone or tablet to receive notifications of your orders. This will allow you to receive a notification on your Smartphone to monitor the status of the order in real time: you will know when it has been sent from the store’s facilities, when it is on its way and in delivery to your address or when it has been delivered. So you will receive a notification if it has been delivered at home and you are not here, either because they have left it with the doorman, with a neighbor or that they have left it in the mailbox while you are away.

The notifications of the application can be activated from the Amazon app on your mobile or on your tablet and are available exclusively for orders sent by Amazon. That is, if you have bought something in the Marketplace you will not receive these types of notifications, only for orders from Amazon itself.

To activate notifications on your mobile, follow these steps:

Download the Amazon application on your phone or tablet Open the application Tap on the three lines in the upper left corner on Android. On iOS, tap at the bottom of the screen to access the options menu. Go to Settings in this main menu Tap about the Notifications option
Check which notifications you want to activate or deactivate

Amazon notifications

Here you will find notifications of all kinds of notifications:

Receive customer service notifications Your Orders: Shipping and delivery notifications Recommendations for you based on your activity Offers you follow or on Waiting list
Alexa purchase notifications and Dash buttons
The Amazon community

Check all the ones you want from the above and you will receive a notification in the app as long as you do not have global notifications on your mobile muted. Check the option “Your Orders” to be able to keep track of where it is.

Email preferences

You can also configure the emails sent through your account management. You can choose from which departments or options you want to receive emails:

Open the option Communication Preferences Center You will see all the different options

SMS preferences
Postal mail preferences
Email Preference

Tap on “e-mail preferences” You will see two options General settings Promotional email Tap on general settings to choose the email Tap on “Change” Follow the steps and change the associated email Tap on “Promotional emails”Click on the arrow and display the options. You will see all the available departments Mark the departments that interest you and uncheck the ones that you do not confirm with the Update button at the bottom of the page

Amazon email notifications