ACS falls on the stock market after “weaker than expected” quarter results

ACS falls on the stock market (-1.22%), after presenting some first quarter resultsweaker than expected in Sales and EBITDA (due to the reclassification of Industrial Services), although better in net profit “, according to Bankinter analysts, who advise buying the security, with a target price of 34.10 euros.

“The results, although they are complex to interpret due to the reclassification of businesses, present a positive pattern of a certain beginning of the recovery of the activity (within which there is still some way to go to fully recover the levels prior to the pandemic) “, these experts add.

“One of the keys to the future of value continues to be potential investment in the Italian Autostrade. In this sense, ACS pointed out at the results conference that we will have to wait for the board of Atlantia (Autostrade’s main shareholder) at the end of the month to see new steps to follow in the process; and that in any case If this purchase does not go ahead, there are other attractive investment opportunities“, they conclude.

ACS won 195 million euros in the first quarter, 3.8% more than in the same period of the previous year. However, sales fell 10.6% to 6,398 million, due to the impact of Covid-19. The gross operating profit (EBITDA) fell 4.3% to 329 million euros.


“ACS is deploying a lateral movement with support in the area of ​​24-24.50 euros, before resistance. Or what is the same, the highs of June and October of last year are now working as support, “says JM. Rodríguez, an analyst at Bolsamanía.

“We have a double support (that does not double bottom) in this price level and, to the extent that it does not pierce it, We understand that the conditions exist to attack the resistance of 29 euros (annual highs) and above, set course for the resistance of 35.70 euros, the all-time highs, “adds this expert.

“Having said that, It is striking how well the value is holding the market’s stakes in recent days. It hardly seems to be affected by the global selling pressure, which is undoubtedly a sign of strength to take into account, “concludes Rodríguez.

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