ACOMTEC, Association of Information Technology and Communication Professionals, is born

Almost 100 professionals with the aim of highlighting the value of specialized information in technology for the development of society.

At the moment, 93 information and technology communication professionals have created ACOMTEC, an association that brings together specialized journalists, company communication managers, social media experts, influencers and professionals from communication agencies with a common goal, highlighting the value of information specialized in technology for the development of our society.

ACOMTEC will develop communication mechanisms between agencies, business professionals and journalists, will hold relational events and will facilitate the sharing of information to analyze and promote best practices in journalism and technological communication. The association also has among its objectives to work for the dignity and the future of the different professions associated with specialized information. For this reason, it will promote training, equal opportunities and innovation in the exercise of the profession.

“The creation of an association is a project long cherished by many information and technology communication professionals in Spain”, commented Fabián Gradolph, president of ACOMTEC. “Our main objective is for it to be a useful instrument for the career development of its members, to analyze what is happening in our sector in Spain and to promote best practices in the exercise of the profession.”

As initial activities of the association, three work areas have been created:

Discussion area: This area of ​​activity includes the organization of discussion forums on and off line, as well as the establishment of a platform for the exchange of information and data among partners. Training, employment and social benefits: This area encompasses all training and collaboration initiatives with academic entities, as well as ideas and projects for professional development and improving the quality of employment in the sector. Point of view, analysis and studies: an area of ​​activity aimed at the association to analyze in depth trends in the world of technological information, the media, agencies, companies, etc.

Gadget, at ACOMTEC

David Bravo, director of Gadget magazine, is a founding associate of ACOMTEC: “from Gadget, as a journalistic platform specialized in technology, we are going to work to fulfill the purposes and principles of this Association, and to recognize and promote the value that specialized information in technology has in the development, in all facets, of our society, always with the premises of rigor and professionalism ”.

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