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Among all the things that Ace Combat must be recognized for, it stands out the fact of staying in force for more than 2 decades, being faithful to its proposal and that Project Aces, the team responsible for this franchise, has not turned its back on the niche that is It has remained faithful to its deliveries. Today is a holiday for all fans of the greatest representative of air combat video games as they are celebrating 25 years since their launch.

Beyond its origins in Arcade in 1993 for the Namco System 21, the development team and the community tell the official start of Ace Combat from June 30, 1995, when the first delivery for home console, in this case PlayStation He saw the light putting players in a cockpit to take flight and experience the excitement and drama of dogfights.

That said, today, June 30, 2020, Project Aces began with celebrations for the 25th anniversary of Ace Combat, a franchise that has remained afloat and has seen all kinds of trends and changes come and go in the industry. From the first hour, the official accounts of Project Aces and Bandai Namco of Japan dedicated publications to the anniversary of Ace Combat. The most emotional was that of the development team, as it shared an image with the majority of the representative combat aircraft of the franchise and the phrase: « Thank you for flying with us. »

Finally, as part of the start of this celebration, Project Aces reported that the most recent installment, Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, has already sold 2 million copies after its debut in January 2019 and after reaching PS4, Xbox One and PC , where he gained critical and fan recognition.

What Ace Combat installments have you played? Which is your favorite?

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