Account settlements at FC Nantes!

In the columns of L’Equipe, Waldemar Kita responds to the criticisms of which he is the subject. And particularly attacks Mickael Landreau, who recently spoke of his dream of buying FC Nantes.

It’s his week! Waldemar Kita takes it for his rank in recent days in the columns of the daily L’Equipe, which devoted a special report to the woes of the FC Nantes. The management of the Franco-Polish businessman is singled out. And it is the turn of the principal concerned, this Friday evening, to answer the criticisms of which it is the object.

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Kita starts by answering to the attacks of Vahid Halilhodzic, who spoke of “improvisation and incompetence at all levels”. “Spit in the soup, I can’t stand. The same when you lie. It is dishonest. He didn’t have a job, he prayed to come to our house. That coaches break us when they behaved very badly… ”, annoys Kita, who accuses Halilhodzic of having left just before the start of the season, in August 2019, to join the Moroccan selection.

“Mr. Landreau, what is your life experience? “

But it is especially the rumors about a possible sale of FC Nantes that anger the president of the Canaries. On his own, Kita attacks Mickael Landreau, who recently confided that he wanted to surround himself with local entrepreneurs in order to set up a project to buy back his training club. “Today, the sponsors call me and ask me if I intend to sell the club to Mr. Landreau, protests Kita. Mr. Landreau came here five years ago. To take a managerial position. »You, you stay at home, your son outside, I fire everyone from Jonelière, the whole training center, I will put my friends in, give me carte blanche, or rather a blue card, and I will manage the club. “I replied:” Mr. Landreau, what is your life experience like? He replies that he doesn’t want to be a coach, etc. three months later he coached Lorient (in 2017). The biggest budget in Ligue 2. And it hasn’t gone up two years in a row (7th, 6th). So it’s good to give lessons to everyone, but it’s not serious. “

Kita defends her balance sheet (financial management, “no problem” with her coaches, etc.) and complains that people outside the club are putting a strain on her for her development projects (new stadium, new training center) . But it is especially against Landreau (who was only “a good goalkeeper in Ligue 1” according to him) that Kita is angry.

“In Nantes, Landreau screwed up a huge mess”

“In Nantes, at the club, he is hated, Kita assures us. He messed up a huge mess, he put some guys aside

, he sowed discord wherever he went! For you, it will calm the people, no problem, but you need a project behind it. You can tell him, I’m not sure people will follow. “Especially since Landreau lacks scope in his eyes. “He has no references, that’s all. Even at Lorient, his only experience as a coach, he failed to come to an understanding with the players and the managers. A point in common with Kita, then?

In 2004, then captain, Landreau led a sling which led to the sidelining of Loïc Amisse.
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