Sunday May 24, 2020

A report issued by Edge Health, an institution that analyzes data from the British National Health Service, concluded that the dispute of this game is related to many deaths from coronavirus in the country. The meeting was held at Anfield on March 11.

The dispute of football matches was under the magnifying glass during the first stages of the expansion of the coronavirus in Europe. With countries like Spain and Italy being the most affected in the first instance, especially the Champions League games were seen as an excellent opportunity for the virus to spread across the continent.

In this regard, a study by Edge Health, the institution in charge of working with data from the British National Health Service, directly points to a game in the Champions League as the cause of up to 41 deaths from COVID-19 in England.

In this sense, the game in question is the first leg of the round of 16 between Liverpool and Atlético de Madrid, a game played on March 11 at Anfield Road. As a result of this clash, it was calculated that around 3,000 Spanish fans had traveled to England to witness the commitment, which would have caused a considerable increase in COVID-19 cases in the area.

The report released by Edge Health points out that the 41 deaths mentioned occurred between 25 and 35 days after the mentioned match. The game took place just two days before Spanish President Pedro Sánchez declared a State of Alarm in the country. According to data provided in the study, at the date of the meeting, Spain already had more than 640,000 coronavirus cases.

The match between Liverpool and Atlético de Madrid had already been pointed out as a “mistake” by Matthew Ashton, Liverpool’s director of public health, a few days after it was held. Also the mayor of the city Steve Rotheram expressed in BBC that “if people have been infected as a direct result of a sporting event that we think should not have taken place, it is scandalous”.