according to Neil Gaiman it’s a fan product for fans

The creator of ‘The Sandman’ himself, Neil Gaiman, has passed through the Shepperton studios, where the Netflix adaptation is filmed, to judge the fidelity of the new series, which has no release date yet. The video, which the platform has shared on the occasion of its Geeked Week, an open event in which it is giving news and images of all its upcoming projects, shows him speechless with the results.

Perhaps the most confidence inspiring to fans of the series is that Neil Gaiman confirms that those responsible for the series are lovers of the original comic, and it shows. Both Tom Sturridge, who plays Sueño, and Gwendoline Christie, who plays Lucifer, declare themselves fans of Gaiman’s work, highlighting the tremendous responsibility involved in adapting it for millions of followers.

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News week

Netflix has mounted this Geeked Week for report the impressive avalanche of projects that are coming our way on the platform. At the moment they have only been in the event for two days, but we have already seen the first images of the new season of ‘Another Life’, the announcement of a movie with Van Damme and some of what the final section of ‘La casa de papel’ promises .

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Many followers of the original anime They expected today news of the live-action adaptation that Netflix is ​​making of ‘Cowboy Bebop’. It has not been like that, but it has been possible to take a first look at part of the cast of the series characterized as the original characters. The result is, to say the least, interesting, and has been accompanied by the announcement that Yoko Kanno, composer of the anime’s soundtrack, will do the same in this new version.

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