Acciona’s first two executives rearrange their investment in the company – .

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The first two swords of Acciona reorganize their investment portfolios in the company. President José Manuel Entrecanales and Vice President Juan Ignacio Entrecanales have transferred to companies directly controlled by them a package equivalent to 3.1 million euros.

The largest transaction has been the one carried out by the president of Acciona, as he has mobilized 16,266 shares, as recorded in the forms sent by José Manuel Entrecanales to the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV). In her, each title has been valued at 119.07 euros.

Based on these numbers, the transaction has reached a total valuation of 1.94 million euros. The securities traded in this off-market transaction have left the personal portfolio of José Manuel Entrecanales to join the position that the president of the company agglutinates through society Lizard Global Investment SL.

the vice president

For its part, Juan Ignacio Entrecanales has reported a similar movement that has targeted a total of 9,759 shares of the company valued at the same amount of 119.07 euros per unit. In this case, they have gone to the executive vice president’s personal portfolio, which he manages through the company Copenav SL.

The forms sent to the supervisor reflect that both operations took place on January 15 outside the market, as a direct operation between the directors and their respective companies. In total, the two transactions have mobilized 26,025 shares.

Family commitment

From Acciona they point out that these movements correspond to personal decisions of the company’s top two executives and declined to comment. However, the fact that both maintain these titles within the perimeter of their investments reiterates the message of commitment that they launched a little over a month ago, when one of the branches of the founding family proceeded to sell its stake.

It was last December 10 when the Entrecanales Marsans hung the ‘for sale’ to the remaining participation in Acciona. Two years after having independently surfaced their investment within the receivership agreement signed with the rest of the branches of the founding family, they proceeded to the accelerated placement of 3.85% of the infrastructure firm.

Then, the communication sent to the supervisor reported that the other branches of the founding family, including the top executives of the listed company, they had assumed a package equivalent to 1.75% of their share capital. An operation that, by virtue of the terms of its syndication agreement, was closed at a price of 96.42 euros per share.