Accessories that you should have in your car to improve driving safety

In overcrowded cities like Mexico City, it is estimated that on average its inhabitants spend around two hours in some type of vehicle or transport daily, which translates into an investment of 2.4 total years for a 40-year-old person.

During this time, we are all exposed to an accident. For this reason, and based on technological advances and improved connectivity, many cars have gradually added various devices that improve safety, and that in some cases we can find as accessories in the market.

Here are five accessories and gadgets Qualitas recommends you to improve safety during handling.

1.- Heartbeat bracelet

If you drive for very long periods of time, this bracelet is ideal for you, as it prevents you from falling asleep at the wheel. This bracelet, connected through an app to your cell phone, detects and analyzes your heartbeat, so that if you enter a lower frequency, typical of drowsiness, it activates an annoying alarm or generates electric shocks that alert you so they slow down and find a place to park and rest for as long as necessary.

2.- Front and rear view cameras.

A large number of new vehicles on the market today are equipped with reversing sensors and cameras that project images from both the front and rear of the vehicle onto a screen. If your car does not have this technology incorporated, it is feasible to add it independently, just search the Internet for the different types and models on the market, with prices that are within the reach of any pocket.

3.- Pressure detectors on wheels and battery charge.

These accessories are the best companion for those who work behind the wheel, or for those who like to drive and take maximum care of their vehicle, since thanks to the sensors installed in the wheels and the battery, they allow you to measure and report the pressure in real time tires and load level.

This system operates 24 hours a day and not only provides information on the tires and the battery while driving, but also on the variations that can occur during periods in which the car is stopped.

4.- Surveillance camera

This technology has also been on the market for a few years, but today it offers better performance and lower costs. It is a device made up of cameras that constantly transmit a signal to your mobile phone, which records what happens both inside and outside the car when it is parked on the street or in a building.

To date, these systems also include other functions that expand their protection ranges, such as an alarm that can notify the owner of the vehicle, and even the police, of any unusual movement of the car; in addition to night vision so as not to miss any detail of what happens both inside and outside the vehicle, all in HD quality, including a recording system that is only activated by movement.