Acapulco. They secure more than 7 thousand heavy-caliber weapon cartridges

Javier Trujillo

Warrior / 20.02.2021 22:38:53

More than 7 thousand cartridges of heavy caliber weapons were secured by elements of Public Security of the municipality of Acapulco, in the populous Progreso neighborhood, in the middle of the urban area of ​​the port.

The above, after a report to the 911 Emergency Service, through which two suitcases with caps of different calibers were alerted, without striking, in the urban area of ​​the popular Progreso neighborhood in this tourist destination.

Around 2:37 p.m. it was reported that in Río Balsas street, at the height of the « El Palmar » party hall, Progreso neighborhood, there were at least two black suitcases and other plastic bags with 7,337 cartridges useful for weapons heavy gauge.

Agents from the Relámpago group of the Ministry of Public Security of this tourist destination as well as different instances of Public Security of the state and federal government came to the place who cordoned off the area and carried out proceedings and ordered the lifting of the different bags.

Municipal and state authorities confirmed the more than 7 thousand cartridges that are without impact and that were abandoned on the public highway, and in this regard an investigation folder was initiated.