Acapulco, the series that Eugenio Derbez premieres on Apple TV + – El Sol de México

After the success achieved with “De viaje con los Derbez” and “LOL”, Eugenio Derbez returns to television with “Acapulco”, the first bilingual series on Apple TV +, a 10-episode production that will premiere worldwide on Friday 8 of October.

This project takes place in 1984, and follows the story of Máximo Gallardo (Enrique Arrizon), a young man whose dream comes true when he gets his life’s job as a waiter at the most popular resort in Acapulco.

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He soon realizes that the job is much more complicated than he imagined, and that to be successful he will need to learn to navigate a demanding clientele, a fickle mentor, and a complicated family life, all without losing the path he has envisioned without fall into temptations or shortcuts.

Derbez will serve as narrator and interpreter of the current version of Máximo, and will also be an executive producer of the series. In addition to them, Fernando Carsa, Damián Alcázar, Camila Perez, Chord Overstreet, Vanessa Bauche, Regina Reynoso, Raphael Alejandro, Jessica Collins, Rafael Cebrián, Regina Orozco and Carlos Corona, complement the cast.

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