‘Acacias 38’ ends and La 1 does not replace the mythical series, but extends other programs

The period series Acacias 38, which had been broadcast on the afternoons of La 1 for six years, says goodbye today with the broadcast of your last episode and leaving a 50-minute gap on the grid that the public channel is going to cover for the time being by lengthening other content.

The fiction, about a street from the end of the 19th century and its inhabitants, will have issued with today’s 1,483 episodes, for which 1,300 days of filming, 9,450 hours of recording and the 437 actors and actresses who have passed through the series have been needed.

For the moment, Acacias 38 will not have a substitute content, but, as FormulaTV advanced, La 1 will fill the grid with the contents that preceded and followed the fiction which now disappears.

The fiction Two lives will extend its duration ten minutes and then the corresponding chapter of Serving and Protecting will be issued, which does will extend its duration significantlyIt will end at 6:45 p.m., so 25 more minutes of plots are added to the police series.

Later the competition will be broadcast El cazador and to close the afternoon you will be able to see España Directo, from 7:45 p.m.

Acacias 38 says goodbye with a special chapter that will close many plots and that will feature a emotional scene where viewers can see the most beloved neighbors of the afternoons of La 1 and part of the team that has made possible their daily broadcast as they had never seen before.

In addition, it will count with the reappearance of Aurelio who, after rising from the dead, returns to Acacias to take revenge.