AC / DC’s Angus Young Explains New Album Title “Power Up

AC / DC’s Angus Young has explained the idea behind the title of the band’s new album ‘Power Up’.

« Power Up » came out earlier this month, and it became the best-selling album of 2020.

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« I went through everything – like the song titles, » Young told Australian radio station Triple M about the album title selection process.

« In the song ‘Realize’, there is the line, ‘I have the power to hypnotize.’ The word ‘power’ goes back to the name AC / DC. We always saw ourselves as that of energy, electrical energy.

« So I just wanted another one, if you could say, okay, what could you call AC / DC, and you say they’re power. And I thought of something positive: power. When we go up on stage, we plug in the guitars and everything lights up when we’re there. outside. »

Young also recently spoke of the band’s always consistent hard rock sound, saying it’s « what we do best. »

In a recent interview with NME, Angus spoke of the death of his brother and AC / DC guitarist Malcolm Young, stating that ‘Power Up’ is an album « for Malcolm », adding: « His death was a huge blow to us, but I still think he’s there when I’m playing. « 

Reviewing ‘Power Up’, NME wrote: « As with all good AC / DC albums, the band’s commitment to the relentless nonsense on this record can’t be ignored either – even if you feel like they’re in the increasingly surreal images. what are they presenting.

The critic added: « This is ultimately a kick in the ass when we need it most. »