I return to the St Stoner Waves ’that are starting to accumulate these days and in May there was still no smell of’ Desert ’around here. I have to tell you that I have discovered two or three albums that are from the end of last year but that I liked very much and it would be unfair not to cover them in this section. It is not the case of some real strangers to me, the Denver combo (Colorado), ABRAMS, and that my comrade Bernardo de Andrés put me on the track as soon as he found out about his recent release a few days ago. The powertrio formed by Taylor Iversen (bass, vocals), Zach Amster (guitar, vocals) and Geoff Cotton was formed at the beginning of the last decade and has an E.P. debut, February (2014), and two LP’s (Lust, Love, Loss (2015), Morning (2017)) plus his recently released Modern Ways (2020) which I will tell you about after the jump towards his particular modernity…

Taste with pleasure the Moder Modern Shapes ’of a band that does not cling only to the most orthodox Stoner Rock…

Incredible that with an already generous and very interesting discography they do not have more info on RRSS or more audiovisual coverage on YouTube beyond their audios or ‘full albums’, this band is called to take the witness of Mastodon or Red Fang, I attest to this . Their style is defined (although they don’t really marry anything or anyone) between a crossing of Stoner, Sludge and Alternative Metal with some foray / wink ‘to the Soundgarden’, for example, in the initial song that you will be listening to right now , those phrasings of Zach are very ‘Cornellian’. The dense textures are perfectly combined with very well captured melodies that with that pair of voices perfectly well combined in screamo and clean by the aforementioned Zach and Taylor, perhaps in the image and likeness of the aforementioned Mastodon where almost all sing. There are more ‘arid’ moments, more ‘muddy’ but there are also surprises such as those alternative and clearly indie moments in “Joshua Tree” and in some tranquil passage of the mid-gas Sludge Metal from “Pale Moonlight”, there are also more extreme moments and Harsh that remind me of Strapping Young Ladd’s ‘halftime’ (total irony) with Devin Towsend showing off all his vocal power, might be the case for ‘Silence’ or one of my favorite tracklist tracks with the catchy ’90s’ My War ». And so far, please !!!, this band needs more repercussion than it has, they are great! …

Modern Ways by Abrams



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