ABRAFAC – Associação Brasileira de Facilities is carrying out the series of reports “Facilities Unidos”, with the objective of assisting companies in the sector during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The purpose of the publications is to promote the profusion of ideas and share alternatives that are being adopted by Facilities companies in this period. Thus, new concepts can emerge to help the sector to face the challenges.

“At this moment, it is very important to try to remain calm and be aware that the anticipation with which the most radical actions were taken will play a fundamental role in the speed with which we are going to get out of this crisis. However, the journey will not be easy for Contracts are being revised, projects are being postponed and, on a daily basis, organizations have to continue working with their obligations “, stated ABRAFAC president, Thiago Santana.

The president also stressed that no one has an easy recipe. So, everyone is still looking for alternatives to get out of this situation and manage it in the best possible way. It was with this in mind that ABRAFAC launched this series of interviews with some of the main players in this market, to listen to them and understand how they are working to overcome these challenges within the organizations themselves.

“Our great expectation is that this profusion of ideas and good practices will serve as a lesson and learning, or at least as alternatives and ways out so that the other partners in our segment who are eventually encountering many difficulties may receive a light and, who knows, to be able to better coordinate their business going forward, “said Santana.

“As an association, we will be attentive to any and all opportunities to influence the market in order to maintain the health of all organizations and our partners. Always following the news closely and hoping that we can get out of this situation as soon as possible” , said the association’s president.


ABRAFAC (Brazilian Facilities Association) is a non-profit entity, founded in 2004, which aims to develop the market, organizations and professionals of Facilities, whether they are public agents, contractors, consultants, administrators or service providers. .
In recent years, ABRAFAC has been strengthening itself with effective actions to promote knowledge and interaction among the sector’s community, being recognized as an agglutinating agent in the segment on its various fronts.

What are Facilities?

The outsourcing of activities in a company is known as Facilities. This occurs when a company needs to meet diverse needs in order to continue operating profitably and safely.
The services provided on an outsourced basis aim to optimize work and make the business more advantageous for the entrepreneur, who will have another company available to perform operations and tasks.
Faciliites are constantly growing in the market and include services such as cleaning, reception and security, among others.

Website: https://www.abrafac.org.br/

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