Abhi Mishra, GM at 12 …!

Whoosh! World record for precocity: Abhimanyu “Abhi” Mishra, of Indian origin and residing in Englishtown New Jersey, is consecrated Grand Master at the age of 12 years, 4 months and 25 days. He breaks the antecedent of the Ukrainian Sergey Karjakin who in 2002 achieved the feat at the age of 12-07-0.

Born on February 5, 2009 Abhi Mishra had formed a dazzling trail when, at 9 years, 2 months and 3 days, he achieved the title of FIDE Master and International Master (IM) at 10 years, 9 months and 3 days in November. 2019. Yesterday Mishra defeated 14-year-old Indian GM León Luke Mendonca at the Vezerkepzo GM Mix Tournament in Budapest, obtaining the third norm and the GM lifetime title.

Mishra possesses a prodigious memory, enormous calculation capacity and superior energy in the study and work of the mysteries of chess. Thirst for knowledge that never quenches you. He learned chess at the age of two and five years later he was able to beat his father. His favorite book is The End, by Mark Dvoretsky. There is a photograph of Mishra in which his eyes give off powerful and imposing aggressive energy, for such a young age.

The appearance of Bobby Fischer and computers represent two milestones in the history of chess development. In the blinding light that his immortal game of The Century Game projected when he defeated Donald Byrne with the black pieces in 1956 was followed by another event that was an omen that forced the USSR chess empire to watch with uneasy eyes when he reached the GM title in 1958 at the age of 15 years six months and one day. What was astonishing was the high level that Fischer achieved without the state-of-the-art technology and engines that today promote dizzying progress not only in the strategy of the millennial game but in the flowering of genius larvae. The nature of chess, music with Wolfgang Amadeuz Mozart and mathematics with Gauss, are fertile ground for the birth of child prodigies. Fischer was not a child prodigy like Capablanca was, but historically the Cuban, like Samuel Reshevsky, at the age of ten, could fight adults on equal or superior terms.

Yesterday on a thunder and lightning holiday, Wednesday June 30, 2021, FIDE announces that Abhimanyu Abhi Mishra becomes GM at the age of 12 years 4 months and 25 days. Breaks Karjakin’s record for earliness in 66 days. !! Congratulations!! White: León Luke Mendonca, India, 2,557. Black: Abhimanyu Mishra, EU, 2,504. Grüenfeld defense, D92.R-9, Vezerkepzo GM Mix, Budapest, 30–06-2021. 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 d5 4.Bf4 Bg7 5.e3 0–0 6.Rc1 c5 7.dxc5 Be6 8.Nf3 Nc6 9.Be2 Qa5 10.Ng5 Nd8 11.Bg3 dxc4 12.Nxe6 Nxe6 13.Qa4 Qxc5 14.Bxc4 Qb6 15.Qb3 Qxb3 16.Bxb3 Nc5 17.Re2 Cxb3 18.axb3 Rfd8 19.Thd1 Ne8 20.Rxd8 Rxd8 21.Rd1 Rxd1 22.Rxd1 Nf6 23.Rc2 Nd7 24.b4 f5 25. Nb5 a6 26.Nc7 Kf7 27.b5 a5 28.Nd5 Nc5 29.Bc7 a4 30.f3 Re6 31.Nc3 Bxc3 32.Kxc3 Rd5 33.Bd8 e5 34.Be7 Nb3 35.h3 e4 36.fxe4 + fxe4 37.Rb4 Nd2 = 38.Bf6 h5 39.Rxa4 Rc4 40.Ra5 Nb3 + 41.Rb6 Nc5 42.Bd4 Nb3 43.Bf6 Rb4 44.Rxb7 Rxb5 = 45.Rc7 Rc4 46.Rd6 Rd3 + – 47.Bg5 Nd2 48.Ke5 Nf3 + 49.gxf3 exf3 50.Bh4 g5 51.Bf2 Ke2 52.b4 Kxf2 53.b5 Kxe3 54.b6 f2 55.b7 f1D White quit.

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