The Vox leader, Santiago Abascal, pointed out this Saturday that the Spanish people “are the ones who point the way”, so he reminded the Government of Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias that “poor of those who do not listen to the people and despise them”.

This was indicated during his speech before the demonstration that has traveled the streets of the capital to protest against the management of Sánchez and Iglesias against the coronavirus crisis. In his speech, Abascal confessed that he was excited to see the streets “empty and sad” and now “full of joyous rebellion, of a festive insubordination, of contained mourning.” “Excited seeing the response of a brave, generous, civic and responsible people“he indicated.

“The way is never to surrender, never to falter as the Spanish have always done. The way is the permanent vigilance of power. The way is Spain, what unites us, protects us and we have inherited from our elders,” he stressed.

The Vox leader stressed that the Spanish demand for freedom “is unstoppable” and appreciated that the Spanish people always “at crucial moments is the one who shows us the way”. “We already saw it in front of the separatist coup of three years ago when the thugs defied Spain and we all left united behind our King.”

Abascal regretted that the coup had the passivity of the Government, but warned that “now the situation is more serious” because the threat to freedom and the law of Spain “It is carried out by the illegitimate government that came to power by lying to the Spanish and which has now withheld information, being unable to protect its elders.”

For this reason, he asked that the Executive do not forget and demanded that his crime against the health, prosperity and freedom of the Spanish not go unpunished. For this reason, he assured that they will be brought to justice “as we took the coup plotters in 2017.” “They know it and they are afraid,” he said.

In this situation, he denounced that the government tries to intimidate themBecause, in his opinion, he buys from the media and sends the Police and Civil Guard “to prevent us from going out to protest and demanding his resignation.” “They have treated Spaniards like children and children like dogs. Well worse than dogs, that they could get out.”

In addition, Abascal denounced that the Government of Spain they have imposed a curfew “that still remains at 11 at night”. For this reason, “they believe that they could trample on the rights of the Spanish and that we were going to remain silent.”


The national leader of Vox also criticized that the Government is made up of New Communists of “Long Pigtails and Short Understanding”, referring to Pablo Iglesias, who “called for civil war from the rostrum of Congress and threw their energies out into the street to try to intimidate us.”

Faced with this situation, Abascal remarked that “Spain will prevail as it has always done and will return to normal as ever.” Therefore, he asked that “you do not pay attention to the provocations of his street thugs or the threats of illegal fines and stay on the street with all the necessary security measures and common sense that you have demonstrated when the Government did not do it in the most difficult moments. “

The Vox leader commented that the Government wants a “torn, poor and imprisoned Spain” and predicted that “it will be hard and they will make us suffer more”, because “they have power and powerful allies and have no scruples.”

Finally, Abascal affirmed that “they have nothing to do against a people that does not know how to live as a slave.” For this reason, he encouraged the Spanish and asked them to walk the streets “to the last corner of Spain”, so that their voices, their saucepans and the flags can be heard.