Aaron Rodgers takes a page out of Tom Brady’s book for late-career surge

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers, Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. (Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)

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Aaron Rodgers is now a paying customer of Tom Brady’s much-discussed TB12 method.

If Aaron Rodgers wants to play into his mid-40s, he has the perfect role model in Tom Brady.

Rodgers is in his late 30s but is still playing at an NFL MVP level for the Green Bay Packers, or at least for now. While that is cool and all, what is even more impressive is that Brady just won his seventh Super Bowl at the age of 43 in his first year leading the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Interestingly enough, Brady’s Buccaneers beat Rodgers’ Packers in the 2020 NFC Championship.

So if you can’t beat him, why not join him in embracing key parts of the TB12 lifestyle?

Aaron Rodgers is learning from the NFL’s elder statesman Tom Brady

While it is hard to envision Rodgers not having a beer while playing for the Packers, maybe TB12 offshoots in the A-Rod12? He may have two significant collarbone injuries, but Rodgers has the skill set and apparently the competitive drive to play deep into his 40s as well. Even if he doesn’t eat avocado ice cream, wear kale pajamas or avoid nightshades at all costs, Rodgers is a TB12 guy.

While Brady has been to 10 Super Bowls in his illustrious career, Rodgers has only been to one and that was over a decade ago. So it is understandable why Rodgers has grown frustrated with his current organization. Regardless of if he stays with the Packers or is traded to an AFC team this summer, we know one thing for sure: Rodgers is a paying customer when it comes to TB12.

Good job by Rodgers to apply some of the things that have made Brady successful in his own game.

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