When the Packers They selected quarterback Jordan Love with his first turn in the last April Draft, Aaron Rodgers went to his kitchen to take a because of tequila and reflect on the decision they made.

The current quarterback of the organization Green bay He delved into that night when his team traded to get Love.

“I thought, ‘Oh, wow, it’s okay,'” Rodgers told Nfl Media for the first episode of the Ringer podcast.

“I love Scotch whiskey, but lately I’ve also been drinking a little tequila. And once I got that text message [que Love era la elección], I went to the pantry, I served about four fingers [de tequila] and I knew it would be one of those nights when people would start calling, “Rodgers confessed.

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Aaron said he expected Packers to take some of the best receivers of that generation, but the team went in another direction.

After drinking tequila and FaceTiming with people who called him the night of the Draft, Rodgers said he approached Love the next day. He said he wanted Love to know that if there is anyone who understands the position he is in, it is Rodgers.

“I know what he’s going through,” said Rodgers. “The last thing you want is any negativity about realizing a childhood dream. “I just said, ‘Congratulations, man. I understand what you’re going through. It is super exciting. I am excited to work with you. “