Aarón Díaz is criticized for recreating ‘The Last Supper’ and personifying Jesus in a photo

The Mexican actor Aaron Diaz gave what to talk about on social networks; However, it was not for some new project, but for a controversial photo he shared on Instagram during a moment of great respect for Catholics.

The problem arose because the actor decided to recreate ‘The Last Supper’ with his friends where he personifies Jesus of Nazareth, something that caused annoyance and discontent for the believers.

Under this image, comments were quickly noted by of those who considered this act offensive and they did not hesitate to leave their opinion, they even asked me to delete it.

“Sad lack of respect”, “Terrible this photo in bad taste”, “Believer or not, I think you should respect”, “I hope it is not a joke, but delete it”, “Blasphemy”, “Do not incite them others make fun of this ”, are just a few messages in the post.

This is how Díaz decided to take the moment made by Leonardo da Vinci in the fifteenth century illustrating the biblical passage and the one that earned him endless criticism for having uploaded it as part of the celebrations of Holy Week.

The publication has been on Aaron’s profile for a day and is the date that you have not issued a comment to offer an apology to those who have been offended or simply let time pass until people forget this moment.

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