a young man climbs to the second floor to help her

A young man managed to avoid a tragedy by rescuing an old woman who he was about to fall from the balcony of his house, located on the second floor.

According to the young man -who was in his mother’s shop in the same street-, He was alerted by the panic of the neighbors, who raised the alarm upon seeing the motionless woman with half a body outside the balcony.

He did not hesitate to go up. With the help of a ladder managed to reach the first floor, from where he climbed until he reached the old woman and put it to safety among the applause of the neighbors who observed what happened.

“It was an act of helping. I had to save her, because she has a very big heart “, says the mother, interviewed after the scare.

Neighbors have explained that the old woman she lives with more relatives, but at that moment she was alone. She suffers from dementia, and had a moment of dismissal in which she went out to the balcony and was left with half her body outside.

Undoubtedly, a series of factors helped the scare stay precisely in that, and that is that the young man appeared at the right time to rescue the old woman; already safe