A woman who was a victim of harassment on an Envigado bus spoke and broadcast it live

For not responding to some compliments, the men threatened to stab her.  Photo: video captures. For not responding to some compliments, the men threatened to stab her. Photo: video captures.

In a video posted on her social networks by a young woman who, apparently, was going to be the victim of robbery, the moment she claimed two subjects who were in the back of a public service bus was evidenced in the municipality of Envigado, south of the Aburrá Valley, in the department of Antioquia.

In Follow the W, the station’s program, the woman explained that “I was in the center of Medellín, I needed to go to El Poblado (…) I get on the bus and I see the two young men in the back of the bus who They speak very harshly and I prefer to get close to the driver ”, he explained that the men talked about collecting coins.

She added that after a while she put on her hearing aids, which she normally does to ignore the constant harassment she is a victim of on the streets. “I can hear that they start calling me, they say ‘hello cute’ in a very insistent way and I, as always, ignored them. But one of them got upset because I ignored them“She further explained that she began broadcasting 15 minutes after the comments began.

“‘So pretty and so conceited’ they told me and threatened to stab me for not answering the greeting”

“Maybe they’ll stay live and everyone will watch them, because they want to stab me, and everyone is seeing them on Facebook ”, said the woman who recorded and who decided to keep her name anonymous during her conversation with the station.

While recording the alleged thieves try to evade the camera lens and say “How are they going to film us.” To which the woman responds in a strong tone, “Then they will stab me.” However, she explained to the two journalists who interviewed her that What scared him the most was that, when he started recording, one of them asked him not to do it because they were going to put him in jail again, but the other angry subject said that “he didn’t mind going back to jail.”

Apparently, the subjects threatened to hurt her before the live broadcast began, she explained that before recording one of them got up from the post and approached her to, apparently, threaten her with a dagger.

However, upon seeing the reaction of the woman, who took out her cell phone and began to transmit through her social network, the subjects made the claim and even threatened to call the Police, to which she replied: “call the Police “And, looking at the camera, he said:” They are telling me that they are going to stab me, it is live and they saw their faces.

Before the video ends, the men get off the transport and in the background the voice of a man is heard who corroborates what was said with the young woman who recorded the video.

The authorities announced that they had knowledge of the facts and that the necessary investigations are already being carried out to find the alleged stalkers and thieves. This is because, initially, when the video went viral on social networks, it was believed that the woman had foiled a robbery, but it was not assumed that she was being harassed.

The woman who made the complaint explained that it took a long time to record because it was a difficult decision, for which she had to consider all the risks. “I thought, ‘if I get off, these people are going to follow me, if they took out my cell phone, they would suddenly steal it from me, and they would do something to me'”; However, he explained that what gave him the confidence to record was seeing the security cameras on the bus.

“When I saw that there were cameras, I thought it was good because with that you can identify their faces, I took out my cell phone determined and thinking ‘do I want to end up as a woman who doesn’t know what happened to her or do I want my loved ones to know where I was at? case something happens to me? ‘ I made the decision to record because I did not want that if something happened to me there would be no proof of what had happened, “he explained to W.

At a press conference, General Pablo Ruiz, commander of the Metropolitan Police of Valle de Aburrá, assured that Envigado Police agents contacted the transport company in order to determine the circumstances “of manner, time and place.” of what happened. The woman assured that, after getting off the bus, she found some policemen and showed them the video, in addition, she gave them the bus license plates, but they told her that it would be very difficult to find them.

“I think it is worth reporting, only that sometimes women feel very lost. Since no complaints are made, that’s why they do those things to us, ”the woman concluded.

The officer took the opportunity to ask the public that all the videos that are related to the commission of a crime, send them to the National Police “so that they can react, clarify or take the criminal or corrective measures of the case.”

According to the balance of the Secretariat of Security and the Envigado Police, in this municipality a total of 1,067 thefts were registered from people in 2020, thus presenting a reduction in this crime compared to 2019, in which 1,601 robberies were registered. A common canon in the majority of municipalities in the country where thefts decreased.


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