A woman who decided to be happy and stopped pleasing others understood everything | Pexels

A woman who decided to be happy and stop pleasing others understood everything. A strong and intelligent woman learned to accept herself With all its flaws, love and control your bad character to find true happiness without the need for a man or other people to approve it.

An intelligent woman learned that no one can decide how much it is worth, what is acceptable to say and what is not. Women who have self-esteem They stopped caring what they will say and are no longer afraid of loneliness. An intelligent woman knows what she is capable of and will give everything to live as she wants and in her own way.

To find true love, you have to feel the pain, and then a woman has to get up, learn and move on. A strong woman, I embrace her power and she is no longer looking for a half, because she is already complete. I leave aside the expectations and fears of a relationship to be happy in its singleness.

A woman who stopped caring about others, learned the difference between selfishness and self-love. It is not being selfish to take care and think of yourself first, before indulging other people. A woman who is intelligent learned that in order to help other people she must take care of herself first.

People who are really happy give love and happiness to others. Happy women have found their own shine, they have taken care of it day by day and then help other people to know their own happiness and have their own light. Because there is nothing more beautiful in life than learning to trust yourself.

A woman who decided to be happy and stopped pleasing others understood everything. Pexels

Smart women learned not to waste their time with people who have a closed mind or with men who do not know what they want. An intelligent and strong woman learned to know herself on the road and she works every day to become the best version of herself.

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