A woman who claimed to have given birth to 10 babies was admitted to the psychiatric hospital; everything could be a lie

It is a case with multiple mysteries that has South Africa in suspense. Gosiame Sithole, a 37-year-old woman who lives near Johannesburg, says she gave birth to 10 babies on June 8. But the only proof of this, so far, is his testimony.

The hospital where she said she had the stalls denies they treated her there and the woman’s own boyfriend, Tebogo Tsotetsi, pointed out that he did not believe that children existed. At least until I could see them.

In recent days, to seek clarification of this complicated case, Sithole was taken to the psychiatric ward of Tembisa Hospital in Johannesburg to assess the state of her mental health, while her lawyer points out that she is being held there against her will, and that she is a victim of mistreatment.

Sithole was arrested by the police on June 17 at her family home in the municipality of Rabie Ridge, near the aforementioned city of Johannesburg. They transferred her to a nearby police station and then she was handed over to the social services, which referred her to the psychiatric ward of the aforementioned health center.

The authorities made this decision after the family of the woman’s boyfriend denounced that she was missing and some time after the Mediclinic Medforum hospital, where Sithole said she gave birth, completely denied this situation.

For her part, she claims to be the mother of 10 babies and said she does not intend to say for the moment where they are, that she will “when she sees fit.”

“Held against her will in a psychiatric ward”

After the woman was locked up in the psychiatric ward, her lawyer Refiloe Mokoena assured that she is being held there against her will and that she will request an order to obtain her release.

The lawyer assured that social services denied her client to turn to a private psychologist instead of being taken to the institute and that she did not want to end up in a psychiatric center because she was convinced “that she was in her right mind,” according to he told the South African Pindula News.

According to the lawyer, Sithole was subjected in the psychiatric ward to “mental torture”, “starvation” and was handcuffed. Friends and activists who support the woman also assure that she is being mistreated during her stay in the psychiatric ward.

“They treat her like she’s mentally disturbed. They are breaking it, ”said Dalian Mboweni, an activist for the alleged mother of 10.

Sithole’s word

The reason Sithole doesn’t want to show or say where her babies are has to do with her boyfriend only wanting them, according to her, to do business with them, and receive gifts and goods for exchange. Ultimately, the woman accused her boyfriend of wanting to become a millionaire for this situation.

In this sense, it is necessary to bear in mind that, if the stalls existed, it would be an absolute world record for children born in a single birth. Precisely, at the beginning of May this year, a Malian woman, Halima Cisse, reached the highest number for a childbirth, when she gave birth to 9 babies in Morocco.

“My boyfriend was only worried about donations coming from people all over the world, because he expected to be rich. That’s why I have my babies where they are, ”Sithole said in a video posted on social media in mid-June. There he also pointed out that Tsotetsi said that babies did not exist just because he wanted to “hurt” her and “ruin” what she had with her children.

The alleged mother of the stalls also indicated that she would keep the whereabouts of her children a secret until she decided to report it and said that “no one can force me” to reveal their location.

The woman’s comments came after her own boyfriend said that he had not seen Sithole or her alleged babies since the time she was supposed to give birth. The entire family of Sithole’s boyfriend released a statement stating that they did not believe in the existence of the babies.

Nor his family

“They want to hurt me. The children are mine and nobody else’s. Why are they persecuting me? ”Said, as part of her response, the woman in the video released by a journalist from the Pretoria News medium.

Tsotetsi’s family had assured in their statement that they only had news of the 10 babies through the WhatsApp messages that Sithole sent to the alleged father the night he would have given birth, but that this was the only proof of the calves that she had. family.

“For us, there are not 10 babies until proven otherwise,” ended the statement from Tsotetsi’s family, according to what the British newspaper Daily News reported.

What the delivery would have been like

The information about the birth that had been disseminated at the time, by the woman herself and some relatives, and even by Sithole’s own boyfriend was that she had had seven boys and three girls, after a natural pregnancy that was lasted for 29 weeks.

At the time, the aunt of the alleged mother, who did not identify herself, had told the Sunday Times that five of the babies had been born by natural birth, and five by caesarean section, and that the babies were in incubators “fighting for their lives ”.

And a very similar version about babies was the one Tsotetsi himself had given to the South African medium IOS a few days after the supposed birth. “They are premature, they are still hatching. They are very small, as you can imagine, when 10 children enter a uterus where normally there is only one baby ”, he had affirmed, who days later would assure that he never saw the babies.

The truth is that no one knows today where those babies are, and it is not even possible to know if they exist, or what has happened to them. For now, the Mediclinic Medforum Hospital in Pretoria, where the woman claims she gave birth, said she had never been treated there.

The clinic claimed it was aware of the case, like many people in South Africa, but the local spokeswoman told the Sunday Times: “We can confirm that none of our facilities were involved in the obstetric care of this patient or her stalls.

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