A young woman was arrested by elements of the Ministry of Public Security, after being accused by her partner for allegedly having thrown her nine-month-old baby on a road Born in Avenida del Mar, in Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

The events were recorded at 7:35 p.m. on Sunday. The C4 Radiocommunication and Surveillance Center reported that a subject was attacking a female person at the height of a casino.

Upon arrival, the police officers observed on the sidewalk, which was right on the beach, by the sea, a couple who were arguing about what they approached.

Óscar Fernando “N”, 19 years old, residing in Colonia Salvador Allende, told the agents that his partner, Aimée Guadalupe “N”, 18 years old, had allegedly injured their nine-month-old baby, when he allegedly threw him into vehicular traffic, which caused head injuries and scrapes on the left side of the baby’s body. However, at that time no car was driving, so the baby ran with the fortune of not being run over.

In his version, the subject described that his mother, the baby’s grandmother, ran to the avenue to help him, and presumably, the detainee today also physically assaulted her, for which he intervened to arrest her.

Before the accusation, the agents proceeded to arrest Aimée Guadalupe « N » for the crime of homicide tentative grade.

The woman was placed at the disposal of the public prosecutor specialized in violence against women, trafficking in persons and groups in vulnerable situations, while the minor and the grandmother were taken to the Red Cross to be assessed and treated by medical personnel.

If the facts are proven, the woman could receive a sentence of between six to ten years for abuse prison, however in the event of attempted murder it would be greater.

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Child abuse grows in the state

The state of Sinaloa ranks first at the national level with the highest rates of violence against minors, informed the director of the DIF in the entity, Iván Aguilar Enríquez.

In the framework of the Ordinary Session of the Council for the Promotion of the Benefits of Children and Adolescents of the state of Sinaloa, the official regretted that the entity is a leader in violence which includes both emotional abuse as well as physical abuse, neglect and sexual abuse; On the other hand, it reported that in 2009 it was recorded that nine out of ten crimes were committed by boys and girls between 14 and 18 years of age.

« Sinaloa has higher rates of child abuse than the rest of the country. The omission of care which is 43 percent, emotional abuse 34 percent and physical abuse by 31 percent ”.

« It is reported that in the state there are more cases of abuse in men than in women; out of every 97 girls, 100 boys are abused. Of these minors who suffer these damages, have more cases of sexual abuse than the rest of the country in terms of the national average ”, he said.

In a brief report on the situation of minors that prevails in areas such as education, health, nutrition and others, the director of the System for the Integral Development of the Family pointed out that more than 20 years after Mexico signed the International Treaty for the Children’s Rights There are still pending issues in the face of growing social inequality and polarization.

« The percentage of children with anemia in our state is significantly higher than in other states of the country; 35 percent of the child population under 5 years of age has anemia and the condition continues to be present in one out of every four children between 5 and 11 years of age, and 16 percent of children between 12 and 19 years of age, which is why we rank fifth at the national level in terms of percentage of anemia; 48 percent of our children live in precarious conditions, 32 percent do not have access to drinking water, « he said.

In the area of ​​child labor, he expressed that Sinaloa is located above the national average, since this indicates that in the country 13 percent of children between 5 and 17 years old only dedicate themselves to studying, while in Sinaloa it is estimated that it is 15 percent.

It should be noted that the objective of said council is to make agreements aimed at solving the problems of childhood and adolescence, which is why the authorities in education, health, human rights, public security and justice were participated.


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