A woman points a gun at passersby and shoots into the air: “Does anyone want to die now?

He was waiting at the wheel of his car to enter a busy Los Angeles intersection when he lost his temper and started pointing a gun around her and to threaten those present with death. Not content with intimidating them with the gun and screaming, the driver ended up firing into the air with the ensuing chaos.

The woman, tired of waiting at a busy intersection at rush hour, loads her pistol while waiting her turn and begins to scold and target those around her through the window of her vehicle. “Does anyone want to die now? Anyone? “, Asks the host, as seen in a video collected by tmz.com.

Even more chilling than the threat is the subsequent behavior of the woman, who shoot into the air through the sunroof of your utility vehicle.

Fortunately, it seems that the bullets have not reached anyone and, according to tmz.com, the Police have later located the woman and has stopped her for shooting up to five times in a negligent manner.