A woman gives birth to two rare “super twins” conceived 3 weeks apart

Rebecca Roberts is a woman who gave birth to her pair of twins, who, although they seem like adorable babies without more, They are the result of a rare chance, a phenomenon called superfetation.

The UK woman gave birth to her two babies, Noah and Rosalie, on the same day, but were conceived about three weeks apart. That means Rebecca got pregnant while already pregnant.

“It was really shocking to be told there were two babies instead of one,” Roberts, 39, told Good Morning America. “Then they told me there was a size difference of three weeks between the two babies that the doctors couldn’t understand. “

Rosalie passed around two months in the neonatal intensive care unitwhile Noah was cared for for about 3 weeks in a different unit.

Superfetation, very rare, occurs when the fertilization of an ovum released during the course of pregnancy occurs, which causes the conception of twins of different gestational ages.

Like both pregnancy and delivery and the weeks after (Rosalie is still much smaller than her twin) they were full of doubts and fears, Rebecca created an Instagram account called Roberts SuperGemelos, in which she tells the daily life of her two little ones.