A woman denounced that she was abused at a party in which there were Vélez Sarsfield players

According to the complaint, everything happened in the country road Camino Real, in San Isidro According to the complaint, everything happened in the country road Camino Real, in San Isidro

A 28-year-old girl – living in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Urquiza – reported in the last hours that she was sexually abused in the middle of a party attended by several players from the Vélez Sarsfield club. According to police sources ., the incident would have occurred last night in a house in the Camino Real country house, located in the Buenos Aires town of San Isidro, very close to the Pan-American highway.

According to the complaint, the abuse of the young woman would have taken place inside one of the rooms of a house located in lot 56. One of the details that emerged is that the soccer player Ricardo Centurión was among those attending the party. After the 911 call, personnel from the local Patrol Command arrived at the private neighborhood and took the victim to the Women’s Police Station, where they filed the complaint. The investigation was in charge of the prosecutor Laura zyseskind, holder of the San Isidro UFI, a unit dedicated to crimes of gender violence.

The file was classified as sexual abuse and robbery. According to this medium, the prosecution officials who attended the place seized bedding from the different rooms. Similarly, the sources consulted by . indicated that the house had been rented temporarily by a 29-year-old man identified as Juan Martín Lucero, who was at the time of the episode. Regarding the statements of the victims, it was learned that both Centurión and Lucero were separated from the event, although they involved a subject with the surname Acuña.

Vélez is a club that has a protocol established in the footballers’ contracts for these cases. If a case of violence against women committed by the players is proven, they could be automatically sanctioned with the termination of the contract. The first step, prior to this resolution, is the separation from the professional staff. This clause was implemented precisely before the arrival of Centurión to the institution in 2020, since in 2017 the forward was denounced by his former partner Melisa Tozzi for gender violence, although the case was archived.

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