A young mother is now seriously burned because of what was supposed to protect her from the Coronavirus. She caught fire after disinfecting her hands with hydroalcoholic gel.

Kate Wise’s life was turned upside down by disinfecting her hands with hydroalcoholic gel. Indeed, while lighting a candle in her living room, the young woman from United States took fire.

The candle ignites the gel

Since then, the Texan has been living a real nightmare! Severely burned, this Round Rock mother was hospitalized in intensive care. According to her, the candle flame would have come into contact with the hydroalcoholic solution and a explosion would have taken place.

Burned on several parts of the body, the American affirms that it is the flame of the candle which caused the explosion of the bottle of hydroalcoholic gel. Kate had just put her three daughters to bed when she disinfected her hands and lit a candle.

The hydroalcoholic gel explodes

According to Closer, the victim assured that she had just rubbed her hands when one of them caught fire. In just five seconds, his whole body was consumed by the flames. She then jumped up and hit the gel bottle, which exploded like a bomb.

The American, however, reacted quickly. She took off her clothes on fire and took her disabled daughter and dog to safety. Her two other children rushed to the neighbors to ask for help.

Admitted to intensive care, Kate Wise suffers from second and third degree burns. She will have to undergo many reconstructive surgery. As for his house, it was partially destroyed by thefire.

Potentially dangerous products

The Round Rock Fire Department is investigating to determine the exact causes of this accident. Meanwhile, experts have informed that hydroalcoholic gels contain, for the most part, ethanol and are flammable. It is therefore recommended to keep away from any flame until the product is absorbed or evaporated.

Kate Wise’s friends have created an online fundraiser to pay for medical bills. On the GoFundMe page, we can read:

The coronavirus has brought many dangerous products to our shelves, many of them have not been properly tested and are unsafe.

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Posted by Norvelle Kathryn Bonesteel on Wednesday September 2, 2020