A woman becomes the first sentenced for the assault on the Capitol

15 minutes. A woman from the state of Indiana on Wednesday became the first defendant to receive a sentence for the assault on the US Capitol on January 6.

Anna Morgan-Lloyd previously described that date as “the most exciting day” of her life.

At the hearing before the judge of the US District Court, Royce Lamberth, she was repentant, according to various local media.

The supporter of former US President Donald Trump spent ten minutes inside the Capitol during the insurrection.

For this reason, was convicted of a misdemeanor – trespassing into a public building – and was on probation without jail time.

In any case, she is the first accused of the assault to know her punishment in the framework of the investigation of the disturbances.

Morgan-Lloyd, 49, will also have to pay a $ 500 fine after pleading guilty to entering the Capitol with the crowd.

During the reading of the sentence, Judge Lamberth criticized the Republican legislators for downplaying the violence of the events.

Lamberth said he was “especially concerned” by the accounts of some members of Congress about what happened on January 6.

Some commented that it was “just a day of tourists walking through the Capitol.”

The magistrate was referring to House Republican Andrew Clyde, who compared the assault on the Capitol to “a normal tourist visit.”

“I don’t know what planet they were on … This was not a peaceful demonstration. It was not an accident that turned violent; it was intended to stop the very functioning of our government,” Magistrate Lamberth insisted.

However, the judge said Morgan-Lloyd, the first sentenced, will avoid going to jail because she did not participate in the violence and convicted those who did.

Assault on the Capitol

On January 6, hundreds of followers of former President Donald Trump (2017-2021) stormed the headquarters of the US Congress, when a joint session of the two houses was held to ratify the victory of Democrat Joe Biden in the elections of last November .

In addition to the five who died, about 140 officers were attacked by pro-Trump protesters, who were armed with axes, bats, hockey sticks and other weapons, according to data from authorities.

The Justice Department revealed in early June that about 440 people have been indicted on charges related to the January assault, including about 125 for assault on authorities.

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