a witness speaks about the terrible state in which he found him after the accident

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The American Golfer Tiger Woods He was unconscious after the accident he suffered with his car when he went off the road and turned dramatically, causing multiple fractures in his right leg, reported a witness questioned by authorities.

The man, who lives near the site in Rolling Hills Estates, where the accident occurred on February 23, told police that after hearing the blow, he went to the crashed vehicle and found the 45-year-old golfer unconscious inside.

The new information about the accident appears collected by the deputy sheriff of the Los Angeles County, Johann schloegl, in an affidavit.

The former world number one was trapped in his vehicle and required lengthy and complex surgery to stabilize the broken bones of the tibia and fibula in his right leg.

The witness, whose identity is withheld, told police officers Los Angeles Police that Woods did not answer his questions, which adds more mystery to the investigation of the events, since it was reported at first that the athlete gave his version of what happened.

The first officer to arrive at the scene of the accident, Carlos Gonzalez, reported that Woods was able to speak with him and answer basic questions.

Woods can’t remember driving

Woods reportedly told officers, both at the crash site and later at the hospital, that he did not know how the collision occurred and that he did not recall driving.

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office, which has already stated that Woods was not under the influence of alcohol or any type of doping substance and that the crash was classified as an “accident”, has already obtained a court order that will allow him access to the model vehicle black box Genesis80 SUV of 2021 wrecked.

Police had not said that Woods had been unconscious after the accident and said the truck had overturned, although Schloegl’s description of the accident did not include that.

Hence, the search warrant was requested for the Genesis SUV data recorder, known as the black box. Schloegl requested data from February 22 and 23. The accident occurred around 7 am on February 23.

Representatives for the Los Angeles Sheriff, which belonged to the county in which the accident was recorded, have declined to say what was discovered in the black box.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff, Alex Villanueva, reiterated that the facts indicate that there was “purely an accident.”

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