In this world flooded by the covid-19, in which many sectors are being affected and in which the inhabitants of this planet are having to adapt to quarantines, zero sociability, sports and entertainment, there is a winner: technology.

It is already being seen how teleworking is taking shape and many employees are not only doing better, but they are more satisfied working from home. The challenge is for companies and their leaders to adapt so that these new technological circumstances can take full advantage of them.

Virtual education is also gaining strength. As I wrote several years ago, the titles of some professions should require updates to renew and thus the professional catch up on everything that has happened, taking virtual courses. If these courses are not taken, your title should expire. For this reason, currently the certifications that many people have are having great weight when it comes to hiring someone, and that is because expiration courses are required and they are required to be renewed. The challenge is for teachers, since they have to adapt to this new way of teaching in which their role changes completely.

On the other hand, the digital sales channel was consolidated. The statistics of what is going to be sold by e-commerce this year are going to jump many times over what was being sold. Users have already seen the convenience of shopping without leaving their home, comparing prices and verifying that what they have purchased does reach them. Now the challenge for digital sellers is to generate an attractive and easy to use e-commerce site, so that it is very easy to see the products and make the purchases. All of this must be surrounded by digital security, as this change is being exploited by digital criminals. This is a factor that must be strengthened so that everything goes well.

At the center of all these changes is technology, and the challenge is to accept it, understanding the benefits it can bring and making the necessary changes to make them optimal. The State’s commitment is to maintain technological services such as the internet, control of digital purchases so that reliability is not lost, and that of justice is to understand this digital world in order to judge criminals who will take advantage of these changes.