The PowerToys They are a pack of small Microsoft applications that were very successful in Windows 95 times, and that recently the company relaunched with a version for Windows 10. A relaunch, which was also accompanied by the release of the code for these tools with an open source license, and the possibility of downloading them from Github.

Today, this new incarnation of PowerToys has reached its version 0.16.0, which has meant not only the solution of multiple bugs and the improvement of the tools already available, but also the addition of three completely new ones. Additionally, Microsoft has announced its intention to end incorporating PowerToys into the Microsoft Store.

Multiple monitors for Fancy Zones

FancyZones is a tool that allows you to create custom grids on the desktop to facilitate better organization of windows: When we drag them to an area of ​​the screen, they will automatically adjust to the area that we have configured for it.

Without a doubt, a useful tool when we lack a second monitor. But from now on it will also be useful when we have both (or more): After the release of the new version, Fancy Zones has enabled the ability to drag windows between defined areas on different desktops.


This new tool is an extension of the preview pane of Windows Explorer, which will allow you to preview Markdown documents and SVG images.

Image Resizer

Another new tool, in this case it is another extension, for the Explorer context menu, which allows us to resize images without resorting to editors. Said operation may be individual or block, and will give us to choose predefined or customized sizes, in addition to the option of operating on the original files or on copies.

Window walker

The latest addition, for now, to the tool pack. With Window Walker, Microsoft offers us an alternative to the Alt + Tab key combination, which allows us to change from one window to another. Activating this application, we can resort to the Control + Windows key combination to switch between the windows we have open, and search for content.

Be careful, because this is not the application launcher that was announced a few months ago, and should be added to PowerToys by the second half of this year.

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         Windows 10 PowerToys incorporate three new tools: a window finder and two Explorer extensions